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Stradanus, Steigbügel

So one gets up

Stradanus, Johannes (= Jan van der Straet; Bruges 1523 – Florence 1605). Staphæ, sive Stapedes. The Invention of the Stirrup. Manufacture, sale & usage in their whole bustling plenty. Engraving by Theodore Galle (1571 Antwerp 1633) for Joan Galle (the former’s son; 1600 Antwerp 1676). C. 1591. Inscribed in the subject lower left: Joan. Stradanus inuent. / Joan. Galle excud. & within the caption field: 9. / title as above / Pedes, humi vt, stetere equo, insidentium / Cito leuati, vt ipsa scala subleuat. 7¾ × 10½ in (19.7 × 26.8 cm).

NOVA REPERTA / NEW DISCOVERIES & INVENTIONS 9. – Leesberg (New Hollstein, Stradanus) 331, III; Hollstein (Theod. Galle) from 410-430; Nagler (Stradanus) XVII, page 449, Nova reperta … set of 9 sheets, with captions … Engraved by Th. Galle.; Thieme-Becker (Galle Dynasty) XIII, page 105/II ad Th. G.: Besides he reproduced a number of compositions after Stradanus.

Extremely  rare  hippological  specific

from the first Reperta series, which was followed by a simultaneous further one of 10 sheets engraved by Jan Collaert II, numbered 10 ff. All of them are

famous  early  representations  of  rarity ,

in which latter regard the presentation of the stirrups holds a further special position and consequentially is offered here for the first time, after an indeed only almost complete lot of both series was traded here in the 1970s.

“ the  old  did  not  know  the  stirrups ,

which seem to have appeared only at the time of Otto I (crowned 936) ”

(Meyers Konversations-Lexikon, 4th ed., XV [1889], 259/I).

“ One should realize that justening is tremendously difficult where the stirrup is missing. There were no stirrups yet then. Therefore this requires a tremendously strong leg pressure ”

(Theodor Birt, Alexander der Große [356-323 B.C.] und das Weltgriechentum … 3rd ed., 1928, p. 100).

Very fine impression on fine light laid paper of this nevertheless later state with the added edge line below, hard to read double circle watermark on the left, and excellently wide margins of 4.6-5.4 cm. – Above the right edge of the subject paled old numbering “10” in bister. – Small faint spot below the right caption field.

Offer no. 16,084 / EUR  1380. / export price EUR  1311. (c. US$ 1585.) + shipping

„ Lieber Herr Niemeyer, Ich freue mich über Ihr selten gewordenes Qualitätsempfinden! Ein einwandfreies Exemplar des Goltzius wäre mir schon auch lieber! MfG “

(Herr M. N., 21. April 2015)