Stradanus, Armor Finish

Stradanus, Johannes (= Jan van der Straet; Bruges 1523 – Florence 1605). Politvra Armorvm. The Invention of the Armor Finish. Engraving by Jan Collaert II (Antwerp 1566 – 1628) for Joan Galle (1600 Antwerp 1676). C. 1591. Inscribed in the subject: Joan. Stradanus inuent. / Joan. Collaert sculp. / Joan. Galle excud. & within the caption field: 17. / title as above / Enses, bipennes, arma Bellonæ, Nostro, haud vetusto, sunt polita tempore. 7¾ × 10¾ in (19.7 × 27.3 cm).

NOVA REPERTA II / NEW DISCOVERIES & INVENTIONS 17. – Leesberg (New Hollstein, Stradanus) 339, IV; Nagler (Stradanus) XVII, page 449, Nova reperta, a similar series (as the preceding 9-sheet first series of about the same time) in 10 sheets … Each sheet with two Latin verses, engraved by J. Collaert.

Very fine impression of this rare specific on fine light laid paper in nevertheless later state with the added edge line below and renumbered, in which both Reperta series were joined and present original opening sheet to the 2nd series now figures as sheet 17. – Margins 1.5-2.8 cm wide. – Above the right edge of the subject paled old numbering “13” (?) in bister. – The almost full-length, acid-freely backed tear at the center almost imperceptible from the front and to be mentioned just as, too, the few little spots showing through from the back quite faintly.

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