Flemish Sea-Land-Togetherness 400 Years Ago

Bol, Hans (Mecheln 1534 – Amsterdam 1593). Deer Hunt and Shipbuilding at the River amidst Woody Landscape. In front left first picnic of the peasants in company of i. a. peacock, parrot – the second of which in the cage hanging in the tree – and little monkey, on the right though the partly mounted hunters with hounds pressing stag and deer from all sides. In direction of the sloping bank nets stretched. There, too, a hunter devoted to bird catching. In the middle distance laterally left manifold occupations of the shipbuilders with a larger property next to them. On the horizon the silhouette of a greater town. Engraving by Hans Collaert (supposedly C. I, died c. 1581) in Antwerp. Inscribed: HBol. (ligated) inuent. / H C fec: / s(c ex)cud. 8 × 9⅝ in (20.3 × 24.4 cm).

Hans Bol, Deer Hunt and Shipbuilding

Nagler, Monogramm., III, 762. – Latin quatrain in the lower margin. – Top – here numbered by hand 49 – and bottom with 3-7 mm wide platemark, right with quite fine margin, left as well, but partly already trimmed on the edge of the image. In the text margin two pinhead-small thin spots, otherwise absolutely impeccable.

One of the atmospheric sheets after Hans Bol, here present in warm tone with the text lines still visible.

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“ Many years ago I bought from you the print/litho from Mourot ‘Sophia....’ We are still very happy with this acquisition. For my collection and family history/genealogy I am looking for some very special prints … ”

(Mijnheer P. van de W., May 19, 2012)