Paul  Decker I  (Nuremberg 1677 – Bayreuth 1713)

Paul Decker I, Design of a Ceiling

Design  of  a  Ceiling

Baroque ceiling decoration with eagles in the four corners with the center piece in a broad enclosure and in a such a manner intended for a large room. Engraving by Johann Daniel Her(t)z I (1698 Augsburg 1754) at Jeremias Wolff (1663 [1673?] – 1724) there. Inscribed: P. Decker invent. et del. / Ioh. Daniel Hertz sculpsit. 16. / Cum Priv. Sac. Cæs. Maj. / Ieremias Wolff excud. Aug. Vind., otherwise in German as above. Sheet size 16¼ × 20⅞ in (41.2 × 53 cm).

Rich large plate from Decker’s “Architectura civilis” (1711/16). – Three sides trimmed on/to the hatched frame of the image, below up to the title’s f-flourish. Utterly smoothed centerfold.

“ Of far greater importance are the engraved works published by D., among which especially his ‘Princely Architect or Architectura civilis’ … has been

of  far-reaching  influence  on  the  development  of  architecture  in  the  Franconian  realm,

particularly in the margraviates. D.s fame as architect was essentially tied to this book … which … presents only very few designs of D.s, but the more so borrowings from (his great teacher) Schlüter and others ”

(Thieme-Becker VIII [1913], 524 f.).

1708 court architect of Count Palatine Theodore in Sulzbach, 1710 in the employ of Margrave George William of Brandenburg-Bayreuth where Decker advanced to building director for the whole margraviate.

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