Paul  Decker I  (Nuremberg 1677 – Bayreuth 1713)

Paul Decker I, Design of a Ceiling

Design  of  a  Ceiling

Baroque ceiling decoration with eagles in the four corners with the center piece in a broad enclosure and in a such a manner intended for a large room. Engraving by Johann Daniel Her(t)z I (1698 Augsburg 1754) at Jeremias Wolff (1663 [1673?] – 1724) there. Inscribed: P. Decker invent. et del. / Ioh. Daniel Hertz sculpsit. 16. / Cum Priv. Sac. Cæs. Maj. / Ieremias Wolff excud. Aug. Vind., otherwise in German as above. Sheet size 16¼ × 20⅞ in (41.2 × 53 cm).

Rich large plate from Decker’s “Architectura civilis” (1711/16). – Three sides trimmed on/to the hatched frame of the image, below up to the title’s f-flourish. Utterly smoothed centerfold.

“ Of far greater importance are the engraved works published by D., among which especially his ‘Princely Architect or Architectura civilis’ … has been

of  far-reaching  influence  on  the  development  of  architecture  in  the  Franconian  realm,

particularly in the margraviates. D.s fame as architect was essentially tied to this book … which … presents only very few designs of D.s, but the more so borrowings from (his great teacher) Schlüter and others ”

(Thieme-Becker VIII [1913], 524 f.).

1708 court architect of Count Palatine Theodore in Sulzbach, 1710 in the employ of Margrave George William of Brandenburg-Bayreuth where Decker advanced to building director for the whole margraviate.

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“ It came!  My plate [already documented as lost] was delivered and it is in excellent condition. I cannot explain all of the delays or what happened. It is in the original packaging that you described and it was delivered by DHL, not the postal service (as  far as I can tell – it was left on the porch [!!]). So thank you and so glad that this long story has such a nice ending. It was nice dealing with you, thank you for the plate! ”

(Mrs. J. C., May 8, 2010)