Johann Meyer, Cavalry Battles

“ … Rich Composition in Small Friezes ”

Meyer, Johann (1655 Zurich 1712). Cavalry Battles. Set of the 6 etchings partly worked with drypoint in frieze shape after Heinrich Werdmüller (d. Villingen? 1677, officer and amateur draughtsman) in Zurich (?) on 3 leaves. Inscribed on leaf 1: David Funck exc. / Joh. Meÿer f. 1678 / 1(-6). 2-2⅛ × 7⅛-7¼ in (5.2-5.5 × 18.2-18.3 cm). Colored marbled contemp. stitching.

Hollstein 39-44 I (before the number?; of III); Nagler 6, I (of II) ; Coll. Franz v. Sternberg-Manderscheid, pt. II, 2068 (“rich composition in small friezes … First impressions”, with Funck’s address and numbered; 1838). – “In the first impression (as here) with the address of David Funk (art dealer in Nuremberg), in the second with that of Schmidhamer, and with double (border) lines” (Nagler).

Hollstein, who obviously had seen only the moreover incomplete copy of the British Museum with the corners cut off and made up, generally quotes a numbering only for the Schmidhamer states II & III as in addition underneath right contrary to here laterally right below – sujets 3 & 5 moreover interchanged as against Hollstein – , on the other hand does not mention the double borderline of the Schmidhamer state also mentioned for Sternberg-Manderscheid’s second copy (no. 2069). However, if applicable particularly for present 5 & 6, but also 4, a numbering in writing cannot be ruled out with absolute certainty.

“ J. Meyer etched six cavalry battles after him in the manner of van der Meulen, oblong fol. One has to distinct these leaves from a smaller (that is the one here) set of cavalry battles, slender large oblong 8vo. ”

(Nagler, Werdmüller, XXI, p. 289, rightly not excluding that all three are identical with each other).

Leaf 1 with watermark crown below cross + globe with rhombic ribbon or double “w” within a circle (as comparatively similarly adducible Heawood 436 as provable for Amsterdam 1685, but without the lateral lions there). – Leaf 1 uniformly slightly browned, leaf 2 even a little less. Some small age spots. – The year of the inscription of the first etching legible limitedly only.

Still quite early Swiss contribution to hippological prints

in distinctive old marbled wrappers.

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Johann Meyer, Cavalry Battles

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