David Teniers II, The Scissors-Grinder

In a Quite Singular Technique

Teniers II, David (Antwerp 1610 – Brussels 1690). (Le Rémouleur.) The scissors-grinder at work. In the background two men in front of houses. Engraving by Giovanno Marco Pitteri (1702 Venice 1786). 14 × 10⅛ in (35.6 × 25.8 cm).

Nagler XVIII, 221 + XI, 396, no. 41. – Monostich in Italian and Latin parallel text. – Very fine impression on strong paper with large crown watermark. – Teniers’ locally as atmospheric fine scenery in a plate

of rare graphical charm :

“ (Pitteri) did not work, as usual, with lines which cross each other in different directions, he also not engraved as C. Mellan with a single layer of tailles, but covered his plates with light perpendicular or diagonal lines he then reworked by small pressures with the chisel in the kind of lengthened dots to define contour and shadow and light of his object. He delivered a significant number of plates in this extraordinary manner which were accepted with great applause and imitated. The impression of his plates is not unpleasant on a short distance from the eye though one should not look for a strict precision of form and expression.

There is much brilliance in these plates ,

but it would not occur to any engraver anymore to imitate Pitteri ”


Pitteri’s charming technique leading to a dissolution of the background of kind one can observe in the early predecessors of the abstract and thus in spite of Nagler not restricted to a view from close distance. The scissors-grinder in open landscape here revealing this more splendidly than e.g. his shoemaker sitting in a small workshop. That Pitteri’s technique finally was confined to himself might be explained by as being to difficult for simple imitators or not satisfying by these.

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