Honoré Daumier, Épouvantée de l'Héritage

Daumier, Honoré (Marseille 1808 – Valmondois 1879). Épouvantée de l’Héritage. The figure of France dressed in a black mourning gown in front of the landscape of death of the war of 1871. Lithograph. 1871. Monogrammed, otherwise as above. 9⅝ × 7⅛ in (24.3 × 18.1 cm).

Delteil 3838, III (of 3) with ills. of this state. – See the illustration in Escholier, Daumier – Peintre et Lithographe (1923), too. – Careful impression on better paper without the text on the back and the Actualité series title.

Created in the great style of the final years, omitting all material and “charging the wrong of war in symbolic figures only …

“ More movingly no master of the Middle Ages has seen the mourning Mother of God below the cross than Daumier the upright figure of the lamenting woman he called ‘Épouvantée de l’Héritage’ ”

(Glaser, Die Graphik der Neuzeit).

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