« Not the sum of the parts ,
but the beauty of the whole only renders the exquisite. »

The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer

forms so to speak an isle of delightfully looked at Solander boxes & bindings in red morocco with contents of the utmost quality , rarities grangerized with unique specimen, yet unique specimens paired with themselves and in such a way magnified to

exemplaires enrichis ,

showcase pieces of worldwide singularity

in the truest sense of the word. From time to time also simply just a rarity or things of special beauty + charm then also including contemporary bindings additionally ennobled by an astounding impeccable state. But following the conversation language of the Ridinger time of which so many parallel print captions bear witness, always in that ruby red morocco quoting the best French bibliophile 18th century as crème de la crème of any symbiosis of art , mind , and domestic way seeing oneself, quite possibly also with a not always avoidable touch of grandeur which latter now and then even lets the beholder hold in and forget the world about himself.

In doing so consciously keeping distance of any in the result only imitating repeat of the luxurious leather tooling of that grand epoch, just also of that of the master’s collectors abroad led by France + England and in respect of his oils crowned by the czar’s court. Thus here and today then timely sober confinement to, indeed, overlapping, but otherwise plain gilt-tooled fillets as border of the edges + back-plates. The title-stamping in likewise 23.5 carat, however, frequently with Johann Elias Ridinger as richly designed signature italics following now, of course, former ornament. As reverence for the man + the time. From the œuvre, however, were taken a stag + a horse each as vignettes – « Le dix-huitiême siècle est le siècle de la vignette », E. & J. de Goncourt – adorning, according to contents apart or combined, usually the covers of Solander boxes & bindings. As reverence towards the œuvre. And as provenance mark in addition. Documenting, mostly jointly with “ridinger handlung niemeyer” and “niemeyer fine arts” resp. at inner lower edge, its origin from reliable house , just

from lüder h. niemeyer

Oculi , here they are already coming :

Atlas Russicus

in Extravagant Russia Leather Binding

( юфть / Yuft )

The Milestone 275 Years ago

here in the deep coloring

of all the quality of its age

as exceedingly rare only


Der Venuswagen
(The Chariot of Venus)

A Collection of Erotic Private Editions with Original Prints

published as Private Editions of the Gurlitt Press

by Alfred Richard Meyer (Munkepunke)

9 volumes (all published). Berlin 1919/1920

The Copy No. I/LX of the Luxury Edition


Doctor Heinrich Stinnes


With Fore-edge Painting

Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky

The Idiot

Ruby red half morocco master binding

by Roland Meuter

with content-related fore-edge painting

in wood veneer case


A Copy of the Century

Charles Le Brun

The Triumphs or The Battles of Alexander the Great


Hymn on Beethoven
Leather Inlaid Binding

Romain Rolland


Nouvelle Édition. 4 vols. Paris, Ollendorff, (1921)

Contemporary dark red leather inlaid master bindings

A Gesamtkunstwerk sui generis


The Youthful Photography
is Enthusiastic about Ridinger

Johann Laifle’s

Ridinger-Album of 1865 with 50 albumen prints

presents quite nonchalantly

two rarest additions to the “Most Wondrous Deer”


The Court of Louis XIV in Red Morocco

Wilhelm Weigand (ed.)

The Court of Louis XIV in its Late Period after Le Brun

from the Memoirs of the Duke of Saint-Simon


Otter Copy

Johann Elias Ridinger’s

“Representation of the Fair Game”

grangerized with a worldwide unicum



on Bonn’s Spectacular Beethoven jubilé

from 10th to 12th August 1845

in Extravagant Binding with Ducal Crown

Gustav Schilling (ed.)

A Commemorative Book of Grateful Love and Veneration

for the Great Deceased, endowed and described by an Association of Artists and Art Lovers

from France, England, Italy, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Hungary, and Russia


Le Grand Exemplaire

Johann Elias Ridinger’s

“The Fair Game Hounded by the Different Kinds of Hounds”

as a worldwide unique collector’s item


Guild Order in Showcase Copy

Charles Frederick, Grand Duke of Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach etc.

Guild Order for the Damask, Twill and Other Weavers

with Charles Frederick’s autograph signature


Toils Copy

as a worldwide unprecedentedly unique Gesamtkunstwerk

a synthesis of the arts

to Johann Elias Ridinger’s Th. 17

“The Hunting Ground surrounded by Flaring Cords”


The Law in everyday Hunting Life

in the Century of Ridinger

Hunting Edicts by the Dukes of Brunswick-Luneburg 1705-1805


Continuously represented will of game-law of a whole century


Johann Heinrich Tischbein II

Haina 1742 – Kassel 1808

“Collection of One Hundred and Seventy Engravings”

as approximately

“Complete Edition of his Works”

The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer