The  Court  of  Louis XIV

in  Its  Late  Period  after  Le Brun

Wilhelm Weigand, The Court of Louis XIV from the Memoirs of the Duke of Saint-Simon

in  Red  Morocco

Saint-Simon – Weigand, Wilhelm (ed.). The Court of Louis XIV. From the Memoirs of the Duke of Saint-Simon. In German. 3rd, enlarged edition. Leipsic, Insel, 1925. Large 8vo (10¼ × 7⅛ in [26 × 18 cm]). 526 pp., 1 leaf. With

36  plates  +  folded  genealogical  tree .

Red orig. morocco designed by E. R. Weiß with stylized L under crown accompanied by two Bourbon fleurs-de-lis as front cover vignette, repeated on the back fourfold without the crown and enclosed by lines & ornamental borders, title back plate, front cover line, all gilt tooled, blue marbled fly-leaves & yellow bookmark ribbon. Yellow edges.

Compare with Verzeichnis aller Veröffentlichungen des Insel-Verlags 1899-1924 page 71 and full-size illustration of the morocco binding of the special issue (100 copies) of the 1913 first edition within the unnumbered plate part and thereto Sarkowski 1388 VA.

In the repeating binding of the DELUXE EDITION as remaining unknown to Sarkowski already for the 2nd ed. of 1922 presented by Bassenge 99/3395, but additionally with ornamental ribs as deviating from the 1913 original and the copy here, too. –  On moldmade paper. – Adequately fine copy with only quite minimal bumps of three cover corners, the bottom edge of the back cover, and, somewhat more, that of the back cover itself.

Louis XIV

Planned for the jubilee year (cat.: 1924) present third edition was published, nevertheless, only in 1925. And while the previous one already had been strongly enlarged compared with the first version, so the third here once more by 32 pages and – for the first time – two further plates.

Weigand (1863-1949), proved Insel author and also by his 1928 novel The Voyage to the Island of Love (Watteau’s Cythera, see also Ridinger’s Cythera Lady) “devoted to the gallant France of the 18th century” (Martini), was in such a manner the qualified pen plain and simple to convey to the newer time the great critic, why, hater of Louis, Saint-Simon in the essence (pp. 229-526 in the translation of Arthur Schurig) and per profound synopsis The Court of Louis XIV and the Classical Culture of the French (pp. 5-227).

“ About the writer Saint-Simon, as about the master of a particular style, there is no diversity of judgement, from the moment his (monumental) memoirs became known he was considered as a phenomenon. When one compares him with the masters of the classic prose of his time he appears quite surprisingly modern. He does not give a damn about academic rules, but draws as master of the language on plentiful resources … As mass actor of a complete society there is, with respect to the whole, barely no one like him in world literature … he writes with his nerves, not with his mind … The following … quite limited selection … comprises … just the time when the duke appeared before the public, up to the death of Louis XIV (1715) ”

(Weigand 225 ff.).

Louis de Rouvroy, Duke of Saint-Simon (1675-1755) thus has just experienced the not quite untroubled late period of the Sun King. Witness of his glorious days, witness of what constituted the proverbial Grand Siècle with Charles Le Brun as one of the brightest stars he was by no means. Indispensable he is all the same. Reflected by the short chronological order of present third against the second edition.

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