“ An  admirable  work  on  the  subject ”

Herbert, Henry William. Frank Forester’s Horse and Horsemanship of the United States and British Provinces of North America. 2 vols. New York, Stringer & Townsend, + London, Trübner & Co., 1857. 4to. 552, 576 pp., errata slip. With incl. of the two illustrated titles

16  steelplates

by several artists and engravers on mounted China, 10 double full-page pedigree plts. (bound not in their fixed order), and numerous woodcut ills. Richly gilt- and blind stamped illustrated orig. cloth. Brown edges.

Henry William Herbert, Horse of America

Podeschi 192; Sabin 31465. – First Edition, corresponding with Podeschi, Books on the Horse :

“ The secondary title of this work, which appears on the pictorial title and on the binding is The Horse of America. ”

Isolated slightly brown traces by plants and, mostly affecting only the especially wide margins, slight foxing on the pages by the plates. The latters itself mostly only on the verso and on the white margins of the mounting paper resp. Binding cleverly restored.

The  plates  with  the  famous  race  horses ,

but  also  racing  scenes ,

the text illustrations both depicting horses as a plenty of technical details from stable facilities to shoeing and similar, too. As for the text besides the general history of English and American horses descriptions of individual outstanding animals and races as well as horse races. Moreover comprehensive chapters on breeding, selection, training, illnesses, care, etc. (249 pp.). Furthermore tables and listings of stallions, studs, and foals imported from England since the revolution (67 pp.); the victorious stallions – split to descent from native or imported fathers – from August 1829 till 1855 including summary (45 pp.); the best times of the trotters on 1, 2 + 3-miles tracks 1827-56 as well as a list of victors of the trotting races of 1856 (16 pp.); rules of the important jockey clubs, i. a. New York, South Carolina, Maryland, Fashion Club, N. Y., English Laws of Racing (Newmarket), Union Course, Long Island, and Pioneer Club, San Francisco (57 pp.) as well as 12-page index. In short, not just a fine work for the horse-fancier’s bookcase and the friend of the New World, but also – and foremost –

the  indispensable  compendium

Henry William Herbert, Horse of AmericaHenry William Herbert, Horse of America

“ To  all  true  Lovers  of  the  Horse ;
the  Noblest  of  the  Animal  Creation ,
ever  rendered  Subject  to  the  Hand  of  Man ,
His  most  valuable , best  and  bravest  Servant ,
dauntless  in  Danger , enduring  in  Extremity , uncomplaining  in  Distress …
Dedicated  as  a  Tribute  of  the  Animal ,
and  to  the  Feelings  of  those  who  duly  appreciate  him … ”

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