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Barraud, Henry (1811 – London 1874). Punchestown 1868. Royal Visit. In front of the grandstand in impressionistic colours the gentlemen with horses, jockeys and trainers. Coloured steel engraving by Thomas L. Sangar for Thomas Cranfield in Dublin. 1870. 19⅛ × 39⅞ in (48.6 × 101.4 cm).

One  of  those  calibers  decorating  quite  exceedingly ,

here after the painting in the possession of Samuel Waterhouse. – On light cardboard. – A little age-marked. – The wonderful plate in impressionistic fine colours and of a wonderful horse design .

Henry Barraud, Punchestown 1868. Royal Visit

Henry Barraud, “painted portraits in connection with horses and hounds, but also landscapes and figure pieces” (Thieme-Becker). Thus he often painted hunt and race sujets together with his brother William (1810-1850):

“ (William B.) often collaborating with his younger brother Henry, particularly on subjects like hunt meets, with numerous human portraits, in which Henry was reckoned superior ”

(Judy Egerton, British Sporting and Animal Paintings, Paul Mellon Coll.).

The latter by the way only lists one single painting by the Barrauds, William’s also thematically only modest ones of the three dogs of Lord Henry Bentinck (no. 369). And nothing better with the prints after them. There is only the somewhat smaller and uncoloured Amesbury Champion Coursing Meeting of 1850 (Snelgrove, Prints, p. 46). Thus the one here qualified as being as rare as charming. And

wonderfully  drawn

the  marvelous  horses  from  the  age  of  the  great  Victoria .

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