“ Should … the  illness … even  be  the  glanders … ”

Proclamation by Charles I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1713-1780, accession to the throne 1735, nephew of Emperor Charles VI and brother-in-law of Frederick the Great, founder of the Collegium Carolinum), subjecting the horses’ glanders to the duty of notification. Issued Brunswick April 4, 1771. (1771.) 13⅝ × 16¼ in (34.7 × 41.4 cm). 1 page. With attractively decorated woodcut-initial with the freely jumping horse of Lower Saxony’s coat of arms below the prince’s hat. With the duke’s signature printed besides the “L(oco) S(igilli)”-stamp and that of H. B. von Schliestedt.

Framing-attractive  broadsheet  meant  for  the  bulletin  boards ,

as excepionally rare in this kind of reference to the horse. Least of all by such a

thematic  rank

as here and of especially beautiful impression through spacious typing, absolutely uncut wide margins, and impeccable condition with only slight even papertone. The never used copy of an archive! – Typographic (IMB) and large armorial watermarks.

Proclamation on the duty of notification about horse's glanders

“ We hear with disgust that while dangerous diseases, specially the so-called glanders, are rampant among horses this is not declared to the authorities, so these could not order immediately the necessary precautions. For most effective protection from the harmful consequences to be feared for the society We order herewith … if these diseases appear among horses this … shall be declared to the authorities instantly and with no delay the latter shall start the necessary examination … ”

If glanders or a similarly harmful disease is proved the animals have to be destroyed immediately, otherwise put under quarantine while the stable has to be cleaned scrupulously. All this “to avoid heavy arbitrary penalty”.

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„ Ganz herzlichen Dank für Ihre netten Wünsche und die sehr interessante Lektüre (Wild + Hund 23/2008), über die ich mich sehr gefreut habe. Mein Glückwunsch zu diesem schönen Artikel über Ihr Ridinger Wirken und die damit verbundene und verdiente Anerkennung. An meiner ‚Ridinger – Sammlung‘ erfreue ich mich stets aufs Neue. Schon deshalb war die Anschaffung des Pompadour Bandes (1998) ein guter Kauf … Mit besten Grüßen, Ihr … “

(Herr O. v. L., 5. Januar 2009)