In Rare Plate Blocks of Four

Horses. After engravings by Old Masters (1 colored). Series of 5 postage-stamps as upper right plate blocks of four (with selvage). Ed. by the Czechoslovakian postal authorities. April 21/24, 1969. Steel engraving by Bedřich Housa (Prague 1926 – 2020) together with autotype rotogravure. 4¾ × 3⅜ in (12 × 8.5 cm). – Mint.

The five motifs – all plate blocks of four – in the sequence of their values as following :

Hendrik Goltzius (Millebrecht/Venlo 1558 – Haarlem 1617, Eqvvs liber et incopositvs, -.30 Kčs.) – Matthäus Merian (Basel 1593 – Schwalbach 1650, Le Bonite, -.80) – Vaclav Hollar (Prague 1607 – London 1677, Don Goncalo Fernandes de Cordva, 1.60) – Albrecht Dürer (1471 Nuremberg 1528, The Large Horse, 1.80) – Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767, colored, 2.40 Kčs.).

The highest value of the set and the one and only in color , too ,

showing the title sheet of the master’s majestic 18-sheet set New Riding School (Th. & Schwarz 628-645), also referred to as Large or Viennese School, of 1734. And in this prominence of Ridinger as supposed artist of absolutism as the highest ideological enemy of the working class of the Communists

quite extraordinarily spectacular event of the Prague after spring ,

to be valued only as a demonstration of the low, but with the loudness of a fanfare. As a great, courageous gesture of bonds with the European culture. Worthy of a Ridinger who used himself just so a low tone when he depicted that critical moment of the Alexander campaign in fall 326 B.C. at the Hyphasis in the Punjab as fatefully for world history when the king recognized that he must turn back. For the present to feel the campaign’s pulse. And to let follow the verdict by the set Fights of Killing Animals texted by Brockes.

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Horses from Old Master Prints on Stamps (Czechoslovakia 1969)

– – The same, but each of the five values as single copy of à 2⅛ × 1¼ in (5.4 × 3.3 cm).

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“ I am curious as to the history of this (original Ridinger printing) plate (I just bought) and the others you have offered. Did you purchase them from the Ridinger estate (indirectly, indeed) or a private collector? These are truly rare one of a kind pieces ”

(Mr. L. A. F., October 28, 2003)