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N(ew). Y(ork)., The False Start Jerome Park. Partly galloping away, partly staying correctly at the start. On the left four gentlemen on the turret-like box. On the opposite side of the course the grandstand with heavily gesticulating spectators. Chalk lithograph

in  original  coloring

for Thomas Kelly, NY. Inscribed: Publ. & Print. by Th. Kelly, 17 Barclay St. N.Y. / Entered acording to Act of Congress in the Year 1868 by Thomas Kelly in the Clerks Office in the District Court of the southern District of N. York., otherwise as above. 19⅜ × 24⅞ in (49.3 × 63.2 cm).

Not in Mellon, Prints. – On especially strong paper. – The certain time-markedness, i. a. five professionally repaired tears reaching 2-6 and (1) 12 cm into the picture as well as water spots especially in the lower margin and slight creasing in the sky part and a slight browning of only the back with respect to the general delicacy of these oversizes definitely ignorable and stepping back behind the quite particular charm of the present theme.

The False Start, Jerome Park New York 1868

Jerome Park Racetrack in the Bronx was opened by Leonard W. Jerome in 1867 with the inaugural Belmont Stakes, the oldest of the three Triple Crown events and fourth oldest race overall North America, which were run till the park was closed in 1890. For attracting wealthy New Yorkers L. W. Jerome also built what today became Jerome Avenue. Here then from the park’s second season

in  just  as  impressing  as  grand-sized  representation

and with the resulting confusion among jockeys and horses on one hand and on the other hand the anger of the spectators, additionally engaged by betting,

the  only  rarely  depicted  situation  of  the  false  start .

Just as then, too, with his three later Jerome Park prints – Sadling, The Race + Returning to Weigh – from 1869-70 Kelly returned both thematically and compositionally to the general conventional pattern of racing prints. And so then, too, only the present one with the local-historically characteristic

grandstand  of  Jerome  Park , New  York .

Therefore, however,

a  racing  sujet  of  the  New  World  par  excellence

as  especially  remarkable ;  the  English  places  preponderate .

And  besides  a  fine  New  York  item , too .

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