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publications of the ridinger gallery niemeyer

1 Johann Elias Ridinger – Preparatory Drawings for the Small Riding School
Set of 30 chalk drawings for the Riding Schools and the Principal Colors of Horses (4). – With 25 illustrations
2 Ridinger’s Riding School of 1744/1774. – With 6 illustrations
( a new copy in the catalog erlebnis ridinger 1698-1998 of 1998 )
3 Raubkatzen. – With 41 illustrations
4 Mit der Pranke des Genies –
Zwei Zeichnungen von Joseph Georg Wintter.

With 3 illustrations
5 1856 beschrieb Thienemann als letzter ein komplettes Exemplar.
The Ridinger-Set Thienemann 1105-1108. – With 5 illustrations
6 The Big Five.
Brockes and Ridinger at hand of the set Thienemann 716-723.
With 12 illustrations
7 Georg Philipp Rugendas I –
Reiter, -schlachten und Lagerdarstellungen aus 1693-1705.

A set of 48 plates chiaroscuros. – With 7 illustrations
8 Im Ridinger-Kolorit – Die Hauptfarben der Pferde.
A morocco-bound copy of French master provenance of the time as being beyond of good and evil. – With 7 illustrations
9 Ein ganz früher, ein ganz außergewöhnlicher Ridinger.
With 8 illustrations
10 Ridinger – and far and wide no Oil.
The Ridingers and Georg Adam Eger in Darmstadt. – With 5 illustrations
11 Das Paradies – Herr Ridingers merkwürdiges Werk.
With 5 illustrations
12 Ridinger’s letzte Folge der fünf Sinne.
The Set Schwarz (Gutmann Collection) 1466-1470.
With 8 illustrations
13 Ridinger der Unbekannte.
With the set Thienemann 1159-1162.
With 5 illustrations
14 Vernet’s 24blätterige Par Force Jagd des Hirschen
Das Jahrhundert nach Ridinger.
– With 25 illustrations
15 Alexander der Große 326 am Hyphasis / Punjab.
Der Zenit eines Weltreiches — Eine Wendemarke der Geschichte.

With 16 (2 doublepage, 1 full-page) illustrations
Request no. 13,100 / token fee  EUR 10. [c. US$ 12.] per pre-payment by cheque
Thematic deepening see below
16 Kostbare Neueingänge und Lager-Qualitäten.
With 44 (15 colored, 8 full-page) illustrations
17 Gegenüberstellung.
Die Natur als Jägerin – Der Mensch als Jäger.

With 4 (2 double page colored) illustrations
18 Das Exemplar.
The set Thienemann 162-185 as hand copy of the master himself.
With 14 (3 colored, 1 double + 4 full-page) illustrations
Request no. 13,101 / token fee  EUR 15. [c. US$ 18.] per pre-payment by cheque
Mr. Ridinger eröffnet nun auch Ihnen das Vergnügen seiner Bekanntschaft.
With 19 (7 colored) illustrations
19 The Law in Everyday Hunting Life in the Century of Ridinger.
Ducal proclamations by 4 generations in succession. 1705-1805.
With 5 illustrations
20 erlebnis ridinger 1698-1998.
1998. In-4. 100 pages. With 53 (26 colored, 3 folded) partly full-page illustrations. – Limited edition of 2000 copies, 1984 of which numbered by hand as standard edition in Hotmelt-Klebebindung + 16 not numbered, but signed by hand in the imprint as edition-de-luxe hand-bound in snow-white Sahel kid leather with iridescent stamps on all sides up to the iridescent capital ribbons and signature stamps by the ridinger handlung + bookbindery (Michaela Hierl Bonn) on the inner edges in adequate half-leather presentation slipcase with Ridinger horse + Ridinger stag as colored stamps on the sides.
Classified by the German National Library as commemorative publication and intended for the admission in the bibliographic lists. – Printed by the Christians Druckerei in Hamburg founded in 1740 and thus reaching back to the time of Ridinger himself and via the connection to Brockes even with local reference. – Specimen + contents.
21 To the 250th Birthday of the Quite Astonishing Joseph Georg Wintter.
Essay + provisional catalog of the prints by Joseph Georg, Raphael (+ Heinrich Eduard) Wintter plus concordance to Nagler. 38 pp. With 12 illustrations.
Alexander the Great.
From  the  “Heroic  Alexander”  to  “see  an  image  of  a  Wild  Victor”.
The change of his portrait in the œuvre of an artist of the time of absolutism within a decade.
The Alexander Group of Works of Johann Elias Ridinger.
22 Johann Elias Ridinger in the Kingdom of the Colored Animals.
Genesis and Completion of a Suite. Revised new edition.
32 pp. With 13 (8 color) illustrations.
23 Joseph Georg Wintter.
To the Early Accomplished Master’s 260th Birthday

Drawings & etchings.
16 pp. With 21 (18 color) illustrations.
24 Johann Elias Ridinger’s set of the Special Events and Incidents at the Hunt, Th. 343-390
16 pp. With 19 illustrations.
26 Thoman von Hagelstein.
An Augsburg Artist Family
of a Dynasty of Patricians in Lindau
in Rare Two of their Representatives

12 pp. With 10 color illustrations.
27 The Productive Penetration – Watteau in Ridinger’s Work
24 pp. With 15 (5 color) illustrations.
28 A Darmstadt Tusker passes through the West
To Georg Adam Egers’s 285th Birthday.
16 pp. With 6 (5 color) illustrations.
30 Johann Jacob Ridinger — Master of Mezzotint
Buried in Augsburg 13th May 1784
as Final Leaf of the Marvelous Ridinger Trefoil.
32 pp. With 25 (1 double full-page color) illustrations.
31 AHA! the Mister Ridinger — Adrian Zingg’s Album
“otherwise no one but Mr. Ridinger had seen my album in Augsburg”.
12 pp. With 24 (15 color) illustrations.
33 Imperial Gratitude
The Wittelsbacher’s Charles VII Set of Three.
32 pp. With 29 (21 color) illustrations.
34 Work Résumé
Late letter unknown to literature to Johann Georg Wille
as résumé of the œuvre & character sketch.
32 pp. With 25 (18 color) illustrations.


walls of the ridinger gallery niemeyer

1 Wände – unsere geheimen Kommunizierer.
With 12 (1 double page colored + full-page resp.) illustrations
2 Das aufsezen oder wachsthum des Hirschgeweihes
nach Natur genommen von Jo(seph) Geo(rg) Wintter 1787.

2nd edition. Augsburg not before 1821.
With 14 (13 full-page) illustrations
3 Rugendas. – With 16 (12 colored, 1 of which double page) partly full-page illustrations
4 The Hubert / Diana Group.
Splendor, experience + joy at and with both the reliable two companions of our whole life as hunters.
With 3 illustrations
5 “… that the early paintings by Marc,
  e.g. the roes and horses, excite me deeply”:

Heinrich Kutzer  “ Antilope Kutzer ”
Homage to his 90th Birthday and 15th Day of his Death
With 14 (8 full-page colored) illustrations
6 Franz Snyders
Original and after-effects in the Expressionism
With 8 (2 folded full-page) color illustrations
7 Das aufsezen oder wachsthum des Hirschgeweihes
nach Natur genommen von Jo(seph) Geo(rg) Wintter 1787.

First edition. With 14 (12 full-page) illustrations