Georg Adam Eger, Louis VIII of Hesse-Darmstadt

Martin Elias Ridinger (1731 Augsburg 1780). Ludovjcus VIII. D. G. Landgravius Hassiæ-D(armstadiæ). Princeps Hersfeldiæ, Comes in … Nidda, Schaumburgo, Isenburgo et Budinga etc. Sacræ Cæsareæ ac Regiæ Hungaricæ et Bohemicæ Apostol. Majestatis Supremus Campo Mareschallus … . On his proverbial dapple with baton rested on the right thigh, riding at calm walk towards a drawing up of forces in hilly landscape to the left. Etching + engraving after Georg Adam Eger (1727 Murrhardt 1808). Inscribed: G. A. Eger Serenissimi Landgr. Pictor, pinxit. / Mart. El. Ridinger sculps. Aug. Vind., otherwise as above with the rich escutcheon held by lion shield-bearers in the center. 14⅝ × 10⅜ in (37 × 26.3 cm).

Thienemann-Stillfried (1876) + Schwarz (1910) 1378; Reich auf Biehla 280 ( “Fine sheet … Extremely rare”, 1894 !); Siebert, Kranichstein (1969), ills. p. 62; Ridinger catalogue Darmstadt (1999) VI.25 with ills.; Siebert-Weitz, Ridinger – (Pictures on the Hunt in Hesse-Darmstadt) (1999), pp. 52 f. with illustration.

Not in the extensive Ridinger inventories of Weigel, Art Stock Catalog I-XXVIII (1838/56), Silesian Ridinger collection at Boerner XXXIX (1885), Coppenrath (1889/90), Helbing XXXIV (Arbeiten von J. E. und M. E. Ridinger; 1900) + Schwerdt (1928/35) as well as the opulent Ridinger collection Count Faber-Castell (1958) and the hippological collections Anderhub (1963) + Sarasin (1999). Just as then through the decades also here present for the first time.

On heavy laid paper with surrounding margin mostly 8 mm wide, here from the rich Ridinger collection of Radulf Count of Castell-Rüdenhausen (1922-2004), from whose hand the pencil annotation “Th.St, 1378. Very rare” in the white margin lower right presumably originates.

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