Johann Elias Ridinger, St. John

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). S. John. The evangelist in plate-filling figure before heroic landscape, looking up to the right, pointing with the left at the book both held by the right and supported on a boulder, to the right at his feet the eagle as the belonging to cherub symbol. Mezzotint. Inscribed: Iohann Elias Ridinger sculps. et excud. Aug. Vind., otherwise in German as above. 20⅛ × 14¾ in (51 × 37.5 cm).

Provenance: Counts Faber-Castell, their Ridinger sale 1958 with its lot no. 106 on the underlay carton; Radulf Count of Castell-Rüdenhausen (1922-2004).

Thienemann + Schwarz 1264; Counts Faber-Castell (1958) 106. – Not in Weigel, Art Stock Catalog I-XXVIII (1838/57) , Silesian Ridinger collection at Boerner XXXIX (1885) , Coppenrath Collection (1889 f.), Reich auf Biehla (1894) , Gg. Hamminger (1895) , Helbing XXXIV (Arbeiten von J. E. und M. E. Ridinger; 1900) , Rosenthal, Ridinger list 126 (1940).

First State before the more elliptic gloriole and the “No. 15” below the title as marks of the retouched plate (Schwarz 1264a) in very fine impression of vibrant chiaroscuro.

The final sheet of the completely extremely rare 4-sheet set of the evangelists of which also Faber-Castell had but 3 sheets, and count Radulf only 2 sheets (his S. Matthew available here). – With partially slightly (on the back somewhat more) stained margins of 5 (below) up to 10 mm round about, in this upper right written “40” in brown ink. – Smoothed horizontal centerfold and vertical trace of glue, both visible on the back only. Isolated, mostly backed and retouched pin(head)-fine tiny holes in the margin parts, only one slighlty larger one left of the head negligibly perceptible.

THE FINE MOTIF with the eagle represented in active great supportive pose as one of the four (Ezekiel) cherubim.

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