Rare  Ridinger  Scene

At  Rutting  Season  in  Bavaria  296  Years  ago

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Fighting Rutting Stags in the Green Pasture near Neuburg (on the Danube, Bavaria) drawn from life Anno 1722. Etching with engraving. (1743/44.) Inscribed: J. El. Ridinger sculps. et exc. A. V., otherwise in German as before. 13⅜ × 10⅛ in (34 × 25.8 cm).

Sheet 29 (Thienemann + Schwarz 271; Veit, see below, ills. 3 + 6, the latter for the toned lithograph by Menzler; cf. also the copy in Moser per Lindner, ills. col. 515) of the Representation of the Most Wondrous Deer and other Animals. – Compare furthermore Veit, (Joh. El. Ridinger and the Green Pasture near Neuburg) in Neuburger Kollektaneenblatt CXLV, 1997, pp. 131-143. Allthough according to this the local faithfulness is not to be taken as an absolute quantity, so nevertheless in the present case

“ the  represented  structure  of  the  forest

also  still  corresponds  to  the  cultivated  pasture  landscape  of  today .

Agricultural paddocks amidst of almost uncultivated pasture wood with gnarled oaks are credible and also for the time being still comprehensible. Only the light hillyness should be taken into account of the artistic freedom of the draughtsman ” – ,

so the surroundings is indeed also marginally so far especially faszinating as

situated  between  the  sphere  of  activity  Augsburg  and  Regensburg .

And the latter forms the important milestone for the development of the master’s œuvre. Here namely he worked during three years, at least still/already in 1719, on invitation for the electoral Brandenburgian comital-envoy Baron Wolf (so ADB; Kilian/Thienemann = Count) von Metternich.

Thienemann sets the work in context to the motifs of the other two rutting sheets of the set described under positions 269 + 270 and likewise drawn “from nature” in Starnberg and Schleißheim near Munich and says hereto in the introduction to no. 269 :

“ This and the two following plates (additionally 282 as noted there, too) have other sizes and appearances, also much smaller figures, hence they even should not belong to this collection (of the Most Wondrous Deer). At the 1825 new edition the numbers are polished and (together with 282) sold as a special little suite under the title ‘Rutting Stags’ … above rounded and with wide border. ”

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