Ridinger, Hare with rare Teeth

The Leeheim Hare

or about the Sensuality of a Superb Set of Teeth

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). This Hare with Indicated Rare Teeth has been shot in the Forest of Leeheim 4 Hours from Darmstadt Oct. 25, 1753. Printing plate in reverse. (1754/56.) Inscribed: Joh. El. Ridinger del. fec. et excud. A. V., otherwise in German as before. 13⅜ × 10⅛ in (34.1 × 25.6 cm).

The optically excellently preserved original printing plate to sheet 64 (etching with engraving, Thienemann & Schwarz 306; Ridinger Catalog Darmstadt, 1999, VI.6 with ills.; Siebert-Weitz, Ridinger – Bilder zur Jagd in Hessen-Darmstadt, 1999, pp. 34 f. with ills.) of the Representation of the Most Wondrous Deer and Other Animals.

“ The comparably small though marked hare with carefully treated coat sits in front of a light rock to which again the knobby, half withered group of trees … contrasts … (It) has been shot in the Leeheim forest (west of Darmstadt, district Groß-Gerau, today belonging to Riedstadt). Its incisors were grown out of the mouth both above and below. The incisors of the hares do not stop growing when they reached the necessary size. As they are subject to great stress they have permanent growth. If for any reason they are no longer stressed they nevertheless grow forth without this resulting in the soon death of the hare. Thus the

very rare abnormity

as on the sheet worked by Ridinger emerges ”


The latter refer to a preserved carved head of a hare with the teeth and that the work forms a pair with the “Stag with the Lob-Ears” shot by landgrave Louis VIII in the environs of Darmstadt August 20, 1754, (sheet 63; Th. 305; Cat. Darmstadt VI.5 & Siebert-Weitz pp. 32 f. – “Belongs together with no. 64” – , both with ills.).

Negative report, however, for further memorabilia in Catalog Darmstadt:

“ Just as of the ‘snub-eared’ main boar (sheet 58; Th. 300; Cat. D. VI.4 & S.-W. 30 f., each with ills.) there are no further evidences of this rare animal in the inventory of the hunting seat Kranichstein. ”

Shielded from tarnishing by fine application of varnish, the plate is generally printable in the ordinary course of its use through the times, however, it is offered and sold as a work of art and a collector’s item, thus without prejudice to its eventual printing quality. – Shortly,

an extremely gratifying , worldwide unique absolutum .

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