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Palatinate-Neuburg & Ridinger

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). In the Year 1678 this Big and Strong Stag has been stirred up by 3 German Hounds near Neuburg on the Danube in the so-called Green Pasture and hunted so long and finally even forced to plunge with them from a Rock into the Danube and has the same therein still been catched alive by 2 Hounds and brought to the Bank on the other Side. Etching with engraving. Inscribed: J. El. Ridinger del. sculps. et excud. 1742., otherwise in German as before. 15 × 11¾ in (38 × 30 cm).

Sheet 24 (Thienemann + Schwarz 266; Cat. Marchegg, 1978, 135; Veit, see below, illustration 4) of the set of the Representation of the Most Wondrous Deer and Other Animals.

See on this theme Veit, Joh. El. Ridinger und die Grünau bei Neuburg in Neuburger Kollektaneenblatt, vol. CXLV, 1997, pp. 131-143, according to which truth of the place should not be ascribed an absolute size, but the environs of Neuburg were especially charming in so far as being situated between the domain Augsburg and Regensburg, and being visited by Ridinger in 1722 as shown by Th. 271 (Fighting Rutting Stags drawn from Nature in the Green Pasture near Neuburg in the Year 1722). But Regensburg is the important milestone for the development of the master’s work. Because it was here where he worked on invitation during three years, at least still in 1719, for Count Metternich, electoral Brandenburg envoy staying at the Imperial Diet. Otherwise, so Veit summing up,

“ For the friend of the environs of Neuburg the ‘Green Pasture Stags’ (are) of special charm even without directly portrayed reference to the place ”.

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Aforesaid Neuburg Rutting Stag Scene (Th. 271)
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