Rutting  Season  Drama

by  the  Bergstrasse  near  Old  Heidelberg

Martin Elias Ridinger (1731 Augsburg 1780). By the Bergstrasse (near Heidelberg) in 1756 these two Stags, the one of 14, the other of 12 points, had been found lying in such a manner that their antlers were entangled in each other inseparably and was the one still alive, but the other already dead. Etching with engraving after Georg Adam Eger (1727 Murrhardt 1808). (1763/65.). Inscribed: G. A. Eger ad viv. pinx. / Joh. El. Ridinger direxit et excud. Aug. Vind. / Martin El. Ridinger sc. A. V., otherwise in German as abridged before. 14 × 10½ in (35.7 × 26.8 cm).

Sheet 77 (Thienemann + Schwarz 319; Ridinger Catalogue Darmstadt, 1999, VI.8 + 8a with illustrations; Siebert-Weitz, Ridinger, 1999, pp. 40 f. with ills.; the stags illustrated also in the Hunting Book of Landgrave Louis VIII of Hesse-Darmstadt, 1691-1768) of the Most Wondrous Deer.

At which not only after realization here the impact of the eldest, Martin Elias, as the etcher/engraver of the plate being up on the Ridinger œuvre is much larger than that of an engaged co-worker only. Already at an age of thirty he just acted as a spiritus rector behind the scene ensuring that sets were completed as just also the monumental 101-sheet one of the Most Wondrous Deer to which the plate here belongs, too. Of the last 27 works Martin Elias conveyed to the printing plates alone 21! Without him the plate offered to you here would not exist! – The original numbering “77” restored again on occasion of a later 19th century edition after it had been changed for a separate set in the mid-twenties.

And as Wolf Stubbe (Joh. El. Ridinger, Hamburg/Berlin 1966, pp. 16 f. + pl. 34), going in medias res, celebrates Th. 722, The Wild Buffalo and the Crocodile, from Fights of Killing Animals as an artistic zenith of the late work in respect of its luminous efficiency, he pays tribute together, because judging by the plate, not the drawing, to Martin Elias as the etcher/engraver of that work. An aspect illustrating deeply the Ridinger teamwork.

Worked after the court hunting painter and second court painter resp. Eger who collaborated especially with the same aged Martin Elias. The antlers are preserved in Darmstadt.

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