“ Back  to  the  Sources , to  the  Mothers ”

(Gottfried Benn)

The  text  was  present !  Indeed , it  is  there  still  today !!

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). The Badger captured with the Turnpike. Etching with engraving. Inscribed: I. El. Ridinger inv. del. & sculp. / verlegt in Augsburg bey Martin Engelbrecht, otherwise as above and with the following 4-line caption, all in German. 10⅛ × 14¼ in (25.6 × 36.1 cm).

Sheet 23 (Thienemann + Schwarz 91) of the Ways to trap the Wild Animals of 1750. – One the four puzzling deviations (Th. 74, 75, 89, 91) of the set which from early on bear the address of Martin Engelbrecht (1684-1756, the equal-named publishing house till 1827) in Augsburg and – with the exception of Thienemann + Schwarz and for Th. 74 + 91 within item 1529 of the Hamminger Collection, too – are only known in impressions without the explanatory caption and thus had been qualified hitherto predominantly as “before the letter” (Hamminger for Th. 75 + 89; “Exceedingly rare!”, 1895) , “Proofs” (Schwerdt, 1928, for Th. 74, 75 + 89), “Early impressions before the text” of the otherwise “four sheets published only later” (L’Art Ancien, 1939, on occasion of the Schwerdt copy), “Impressions before the letter, just with the artist’s name and address” (Counts Faber-Castell, 1958), “Proofs on laid paper with inscription + Engelbrecht address, but before title and caption” (hereself, 1978, with the first reference on the poorly described marks and the order of the states).

Present here now

with  the  text

but , mark  you , also  with  the  Engelbrecht  address

à la Schwarz 74, 89 + 91 and by this

an  art-historical  sensation  of  high  degree !

Inestimable  precious  for  any  Ridinger  collection  of  high  degree !

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Johann Elias Ridinger, The Badger captured with the Turnpike

– – – The same in an impression on strong laid paper without the explanatory caption. Inscribed: I. El. Ridinger inv. del. & sculp. / verlegt in Augsburg bey Martin Engelbrecht, otherwise in German as above. 9 × 13⅞ in (22.9 × 35.1 cm). – Trimmed below within the wide white platemark, above to the platemark, laterally with fine margin around the white platemark of c. 5 mm. – See the complete description.

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