The one  and  only  Nassau  Provenance  of  the  Œuvre

and  the  one  and  only  Saarbrücken  Locality , too

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). In the Year 1674 (recte 1746) November 15. this Striped Stag of Twelve Points has been shot by His Highness William Henry Ruling Prince of Nassau-Saarbrücken etc. in the Forest of Neunkirchen, in the so-called Becker Wood, in a Battue. Etching with engraving. Inscribed: Joh. El. Ridinger del. fec. et exc. Aug. Vind. 1750., otherwise in German as before. 10⅛ × 13⅜ in (25.7 × 34.1 cm).

Sheet 54 (Thienemann + Schwarz 296) of the Representation of the Most Wondrous Deer and other Animals.

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