Johann Elias Ridinger, Departure for Hunting

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Departure for Hunting. In front on the rendezvous spot rich party of mounted hunters along with a huntress as well as the pack with its handlers, following the six-in-hand hunting carriage in the background. Front center, however, first

“ The dog handler with hound on the leash and shouldered gun … the right hand (raised) in salutation to the tricorne and reporting to the Lord of the Hunt mounted on a white horse on

the deer traces confirmed in the morning ”

(Ulrich Pietsch). Right of this further piqueur. Etching, partly with drypoint, by Johann Daniel Hertz I (1693 Augsburg 1754) for Jeremias Wolff just there. (1723.) Inscribed (torso): Joh. Elias Ridinger. Sheet size 13 × 19 in (33 × 48.4 cm).

Thienemann & Schwarz (vol. I, plate III as first state) 9; Niemeyer, Ridinger Erlebnisse 1698-2020, 2021, p. 14 with ill.; Weigel, Art Stock Catalog, part XIII (1843), 12586 (as discharge print, presumably identical with that at Faber-Castell/Hamminger, see below); Coppenrath, part II, 1449 (trimmed to the edge of the subject and with “with small margin added”, “extremely rare”, 1889); Helbing XXXIV (Arbeiten von J. E. und M. E. Ridinger, 1554 items; 1900), 8 (“trimmed to platemark”); Faber-Castell (1958) 18 (as discharge print from the Hamminger collection [1894], presumably identical with Weigel’s copy above).

Plate 1 of the master’s complete hardly traceable third earliest hunting set (Thienemann: “… which I do not possess myself , but would like to possess”, 1856 !) in the moreover once more magnified rare first state and dedicated in this only to Lothar Franz von Schönborn (1655-1729), elector of Mayence and prince-bishop of Bamberg, here, however, as a result of trimming under loss of his dedication, too.

The report scenery was used about 1735 by Johann George Heintze as part décor for the rear view of Johann Joachim Kaendler’s Meissen Vase with Lid and Woman’s Head Handles in Dresden (inv. no. P.E. 3508), with the second piqueur along with two hounds placed left of the white horse, “silhouetted before the white background … on a painted gold pedestal with central leaf mask and foliage tendrils”. For the cartouche of the front view the Boar Hunt (Th. 12) of the set was used, while the Stag Hunt Th. 10 graces the pendant vase P.E. 7276. See Pietsch (ed.), Porcelain Parforce, Munich 2005, nos. 59 f. along with three (color) illustrations each of the porcelains and the three Ridingers.

Silver-grey impression of the likely 1ststate as illustrated by Schwarz, yet with regard to trimming to the edge of the subject – only above almost throughout with fine platemark – only with the spared signature rest “Ioh. Elias Ridinger” directly on the left beneath the picture and without the said Schönborn dedication and the Virgil verse thusly only quoted above. Some small tears as well as a thin upper corner backed acid-freely. – Watermark Large Fleur-de-lis.

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