Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1688 – Augsburg 1762). The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Archangel Gabriel with rich retinue appearing to Our Lady sitting with an open book at a table before a tent, pointing to the Holy Spirit – the dove – by which Mary is enlightened (St. Luke 1, 26-37). The beam of enlightment enlarged with the IHS. Mary with glory of nine stars as symbol of pregnancy. On the right archway, below walls with vault and steps. The angels with, i. a., rosary, ring, and iris as the signs of later assumption. Mezzotint by surely Johann Jacob Ridinger (1736 Augsburg 1784) after Johann Georg Bergmüller. Inscribed in italics lower left: Joh. Georg Bergmiler pinxit / Joh. Elias Ridinger excud. 24¾ × 17⅝ in (63 × 44.7 cm).

Schwarz (1910) 1516 (but not acquired along with the Horn collection in 1903, see below); Wend (1975), Ergänzungen zu den Œuvreverzeichnissen der Druckgrafik, 1,1, 173 with reference to Schwarz.

Not  in Weigel, Art Stock Catalog, division I-XXVIII (1838/57; more than 1000 R. sheets of the etched/engraved work) , Thienemann (and therewith not in the Dresden Printroom, too; 1856) + Count Stillfried (1876) , Silesian Ridinger Collection at Boerner (1885; “of greatest richness … many rarities”) , Coppenrath Collection (1889/90) , R. collection at Wawra (1890; besides 234 drawings 600 prints) , Reich auf Biehla Collection (1894; “Of all [R. collections on the market] since long time there is none standing comparison even approximately with the present one in respect of completeness and quality … especially the rarities and undescribed sheets present in great number”; 1266 sheet plus 470 duplicates + 20 drawings) , Gg. Hamminger (1895) , R. catalog Helbing (1900; 1554 nos.) , Horn Collection (1903; “The engravings and mezzotints described by Thienemann and Stillfried were present almost completely with few exceptions. Besides the collection counted a series of sheets undescribed hitherto: in addition to 4 and 6 engravings resp. a large number of mezzotints”) , R. list Rosenthal (1940; 444 nos.), collection of the counts of Faber-Castell (1958; 106 drawings + 1160 prints).

The pendant to Ridinger’s Adoration of the Shepherds Schwarz 1486 seamlessly fitting in its pictorial density and baroque grandeur and surely leading a uniform Ridinger-Bergmüller chain of events with furthermore an Adoration of the Kings (1406) and the Flight into Egypt (1482). All in the practically same size and presenting themselves as specially worked pictures for the wall.

Present in greatest perfection as widely so unobtainable for even just most ambitious collectors for the tinted plate allows, so the expert von Sandrart 1675, just about “50 or 60 clean prints. Afterwards (the picture) soon grinds off”. Raised enormously by the qualification as an almost unique.

With watermarks WANGEN + crown with appendix FAvI (ligated) as known for excellent early Ridinger states and mounted at five points on heavy handmade paper with typographic two-liner watermark. – On the lower left trimmed almost to the platemark, otherwise with fine margins of up to 2 mm and of almost untouched, best preserved freshness.

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