The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer
Johann Elias Ridinger, Otter Copy

Otter Copy
Book & Printing Plate

One of the
“Artist’s Most Famous Series”
(FAZ Oct. 14, 1995)
from which still the
“Blue Rider” Franz Marc gained, too

Johann Elias Ridinger. (Representation of the Fair Game with the respective Tracss and Traces, Goings, Get-offs, Turns, Flight, and other Signs more … drawn from life) / Abbildung Der Jagtbaren Thiere mit derselben angefügten Fährten und Spuhren, Wandel, Gänge, Absprünge, Wendungen, Widergängen, Flucht, und anderer Zeichen mehr … nach der Natur gezeichnet, samt einer Erklärung darüber). Augsburg, the author (1737-)1740. Large fol. 1 ll. title, preface + description. With pictorially executed large etched title vignette search-hunter with leader and, mixed with engraving, 23 etchings.

Ruby  red  morocco  volume

with 4 ornamental raised bands, 2 dark green back-plates, gilt two-piece title on the front + Ridinger-stag-vignette on the back cover, gilt lines on both, and in the inner of the front cover below ridinger handlung niemeyer (ridinger gallery niemeyer), all in 23.5 carat, in

homogeneous  Solander  box


– traced back here far beyond Thieme-Becker (vol. XXVIII, 1933, p. 308) + Thienemann (1856), p. XXIII, seamlessly directly to the master’s estate itself – the

original  printing plate

for plate 16 “(Trace of the Otter)” in reverse (15 × 11⅞ in [38.1 × 30.1 cm]) as removable solitaire laid into the front cover under polycarbonate glass, inscribed “16. / Joh. El. Ridinger inv. del. sc. et exc. Aug. Vind.”. Below the

gilt  hall  mark  as  unicum

Johann Elias Ridinger, Otter Copy

–  Otter-Exemplar  –

(– Otter  Copy –)

Thienemann + Schwarz (Catalogue of a Ridinger-collection, color plate vol. I, X) 162-185. – Title and plates a little time-marked throughout, but as a whole a very fine copy already before its binding, Solander box and – printing plate in its optically excellently condition. – With the etched numbering as the

first  edition  of  the  final  state .

Adequately presented within the Red Series of lüder h. niemeyer as of highest grade.

Offer no. 15,273 / price on application

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The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer