Johann Elias Ridinger, A Stag of 8 points

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Un Cerf à sa quatrieme tête, qui va au bois d’assurance cherchant son viandis. A Stag of 8 points, which walks quite confidentially, and moves to the wood. From the side in picturesque pasture with water beyond torn down palisade. Within that stag with the first head. Etching with engraving. (1736.) Inscribed: 4. / Cum Priv. Sac. Cæs. Majest. / I. El. Ridinger inv. pinx. Sculps. et excud. Aug. Vindel., otherwise as above in German, French, Latin, & below. 13½ × 17 in (34.2 × 43.3 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 199. – Sheet 4 of the Study of the Wild Animals with the caption of the Hamburg pope of poets, jurist & senator, yet foremost friend of Ridinger’s, Barthold Heinrich Brockes (1680-1747), in German. – With WANGEN watermark as so characteristic for contemp. impressions. – The utterly smoothed centerfold reinforced on the back. – Margins on three sides 4, above 2.8 cm wide. – Minimal tear in the right lateral margin backed acid-freely.

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– – – The same. Margins above & below 2.8-3.3, laterally 3.8-4.3 cm wide. – Completely taken out diagonal fold lower right in the white area outside of subject & caption as well as faint brown spot in the wide left platemark. – Of almost still even more shining-marvelous quality and therefore rarity.

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– – – The same not quite as perfect and with less wide margins of only 1.5-2.5 cm. About pinhead-small uncleanness in the skin of the stag. Minimal tear in the white lower margin backed acid-freely.

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