Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). La Chasse du Cerf au Rut. The Rutting Shooting. Night piece with the royal dropping in the center on a clearing, hit from the group of four hunters lying in wait front left together with dog. Etching & engraving. (1729.) Inscribed: avec privil. de Sa. Maj. Imp. / I. El. Ridinger inv. pinx. Sculps. et excud. Aug.Vind., otherwise as above and with German-French didactic text. 13⅛ × 16⅛ in (33.4 × 41 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 27. – From the unnumbered early 36-sheet Princes’ Pleasure , listed by literature as its 15th sheet. – Margins on two sides 2.6-3.5, below & right 4.2-5.7 cm wide.

The pendant to The Rutting of the Stag in marvlous impression of highly nuanced splendid chiaroscuro as in such quality rare of old.

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