Johann Elias Ridinger, The Chamois

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Les Daims ont 1. 2. rarement 3. petis le mâle aussi que la femelle ont leur force à l’age de 2. ans, sont d’une vie longue. The Chamois have 1. 2. rarely 3. Young Ones, the Little Male obtains his Strength like the Goat the other Year, live very long. Two groups of three & four + a single, “young and old, lying, standing, and proceeding”, in pictorially finest arrangement. Etching with engraving. (1736.) Inscribed: 25. / Cum Priv. Sac. Cæs. Majest. / I. El. Ridinger invent. delin. Sculps. et excud. Aug. V., otherwise as above in German, French, Latin, & below. 13½ × 16¼ in (34.4 × 41.4 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 220; Helbing XXXIV (1900), 457 (“Excellent old impression with full margin. Very nice sheet”). – Sheet 25 of the Study of the Wild Animals with the caption of the Hamburg pope of poets, jurist & senator, yet foremost friend of Ridinger’s, Barthold Heinrich Brockes (1680-1747), in German. – Margins laterally 4, above & below 2.8-3 cm wide. – Between the hind legs of the left chamois unobtrusive small wormhole. In the wide white lower margin acid-freely backed tear still extending to the platemark and a longish dog’s ear below right. – On the back scribbles by a collector’s grandson. – Of shining-marvelous quality & therefore rarity.

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