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Johann Elias Ridinger, Lion, standing on Killed Wild Boar

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Lion in profile to the right, standing with the fore paws on a killed wild boar. Two drawings (4⅞ × 6½ and 4⅜ × 5¾ in [125 × 165 and 110 × 145 mm] resp.) in black chalk, on both sides of 1 sheet. 8⅜ × 9¾ in (212 × 249 mm). – Under cocoa-color acid-free mat suitable for framing with 23.5-carat gilt-tooled “Johann Elias Ridinger / Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767”.


Weigel Collection, bequest no. 318,

so Tenner, cf. below, and therefore not in

J. A. G. Weigel, Leipsic,

Catalog of His Bequest of Original Drawings,
Leipsic 1869

Ökonomierat Georg Hamminger († 1894),

his collection round stamp G.H. 1894.
in blue (Lugt 1159) verso

His sale Munich, Helbing,
October 21-25, 1895, no. 1942

Dr. Helmut Tenner

sale 110, May 1976, no. 3948

Each still within the original sketchbook

The two sketches of the lion standing on his prey in reverse to the right to the otherwise unchanged core of the engraving Th. 1076

Johann Elias Ridinger, A Lion of Light Color
A Lion of Light Color …
J. El. Ridinger sculps. et exc. A.V.

of the Colored Animal Kingdom, the one on the front as the more executed one of the two of the same size, originating from that 14-sheet sketchbook whose beautiful 1766 Christmas Eve dedication with iconographically (?) inverse signature – about three months later the sons will give notice of his decease –

“ To the owner of this book

this little for good remembrance

his sincere friend

Joh. El. Ridinger Augsburg d. 24. Xten 1766 ”

(in German; quoted from Dr. Tenner, see above) made the exercise book so vastly precious, nevertheless it was thumbed soon enough short-windedly and injudiciously by acquiring established trade. The dedication was on the last sheet, a wild horse standing to the right, according to the catalog not engraved (recte probably to Th. 973 [possibly belonging to the group of the Principal Colors of Horses] ?).

With regard to the Animal Kingdom the book comprised sketches to Th.1101, 1032, 1076 (present lion) & 1084 and that in this coherent sequence.

Johann Elias Ridinger, Lion on Killed Wild Boar

On laid paper uncut on two sides of impeccable freshness, later – within the whole , mind you ! – mounted at both the left corners onto gray-blue supporting sheet onto which Hamminger’s collection stamp of 1894 has slightly printed off. Round blue mounting spot in addition center right back. – At the front left lateral edge below by supposedly other old hand numbered 465 in brown ink.

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– – – along with aforementioned etching from the only colored first edition

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