Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Bear Hunt in Poland. Close to the bears’ liar above the rocks from where a second one follows the scene with wrath, the one amidst the hounds is dealt the coup de grâce by the Lord of the Hunt. All round partly still mounted hunting party. Right in front two well-protected valuable reserve bear biters have broken loose. Etching, partly with dry-point, and engraving by Johann Daniel Hertz I (1693 Augsburg 1754) for Jeremias Wolff there. Inscribed: Iohann Elias Ridinger invenit et Pinxit. / Cum Priv. S. C. Maj. / Iohann Daniel Hertz sculpsit Augustæ Vindelicorum. 1723. / Ieremias Wolf excudit. as well as 6 lines from Virgil in Latin. 14¾ × 19⅝ in (37.3 × 49.7 cm).

Thienemann & Schwarz 11; Coppenrath, pt. II, 1450 (trimmed to subject and with “fine margin added” “extremely rare”, 1889); Reich auf Biehla 8 (“Without the platemark and the verses in the lower margin …”, very rare, 1894); Helbing XXXIV (1900), Arbeiten von J. E. und M. E. Ridinger, 8 (“Trimmed to the platemark”).

Final plate (Th. erroneously pl. 3) of the master’s complete hardly traceable 4-plate earliest but two hunting set (Thienemann: “… which I do not own myself, but would like to have”, 1856!) in the besides on it’s own

once more magnified rare first state

with Wolff’s address, before the number below right and the caption only in Latin. Added to the latter as of the second state – this with altered text arrangement with the address of Johann Friedrich Probst and the names of painter & engraver removed, cf. Schwarz 11a – a German quatrain. The 3rd state with the address of Johann Georg Hertel, who renumbered the set, too. Besides to this intermediate states already exist within Wolff’s first state. So documented by the 3-plate torso (plts. 2-4) of the Baillie-Grohman collection, that is for plate 2 (Th. 10): “the artist and publisher names not, as with Schwarz, at center below, but left and right at the corners”. Thus just as with present bear hunt.

Complete copies of the set beside the one known to Thienemann, Baron Gutmann’s (Schwarz; 1910) and after all two traded here provable here only with Schwerdt (III [1928], 134 as in succession of Thienemann & Schwarz not recognized 3rd state with Hertel’s address.

Thienemann stated the plates as lost and as not yet published by Ridinger himself, the set besides did not figure in Engelbrecht’s 1824 catalog of new editions.

Vibrant, almost brilliant impression reflecting the first state trimmed to the entire platemark as rarely only, along with partially even still fine(st) margin, yet for slight injuries in the white margin/white caption field mounted by old– barely perceptible from face – not without creases and on the back reinforced unprofessionally later again by several brown glue strips at three edges. The mounting paper besides foxed and with tidemark in one corner. Numerous pin-tip tiny pricks mostly in the upper third noticeable in backlight only. Irrespective of all this the visual impression – a touch of patina showing in the white margin, especially below left, aside – excellent when matted the latest.

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