Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). This Stag of 28. Points has been shot by His Serene Highness the ruling Sire Landgrave (Louis VIII) of Hesse Darmstatt 1742. the 10th 8bris near Battenberg in the forest of the same name. Above the already bagged stag the leashed leader, on the right very nicely the flint-lock gun with the ramrod attached to the gun barrel. Etching & engraving. Inscribed: 57. / Joh. El. Ridinger del. sculps. et exc. Aug. Vind. 1753., otherwise in German as above. 13½ × 9⅝ in (34.2 × 24.5 cm).

Thienemann & Schwarz 299; Ridinger Catalog Darmstadt, 1999, VI.3 with ill.; Siebert-Weitz, Ridinger, 1999, pp. 28 f. with ill. – Plate 57 of the till today unmatched comprehensive standard work Exact and True Representation of Both the Most Wondrous Deer and Other Particular Animals … of the Rarities showing in Nature published for subscription. – With 21 × 14⅛ in (53.3 × 36 cm) sheet size extremely wide-margined impression on laid paper with typographical watermark untrimmed on three sides. – Two tiny(est) tears backed acid-freely in the 9.5 cm wide white lower margin.

“ Ridinger’s  pictorial  invention , who  depicts  the  slain  stag  in  a  way

that  his  extraordinary  antlers  can  be  studied  in  detail  by  the  beholder ,

is  artistically  far  superior

to the somewhat formal reproduction of the same stag by Johann Georg Stockmar (cf. VI.3a). Supposedly Ridinger has used for the representation of the antlers, as for the Stag with the Three Beams, a drawing from the trophy sent to him from Darmstadt (cf. VI.10b) “

(Morét in Catalog Darmstadt).

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