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Johann Elias Ridinger, The Pace of the ManegeJohann Elias Ridinger, A Horse led to School

Johann Elias Ridinger. Representation et Description de toutes les leçons de Chevaux de Manege et de la Campagne, dans quelles occasions on s’en puisse servir. – Remarques du Carousel. (Representation and Description of those School and Campaign Horses In what Occasions such can be used. – Remarks of the Carousel.) 2 parts in 1 volume. Augsburg, the author, 1760(-61). Small fol. (11¾ × 8½ in [30 × 21.5 cm]). Engraved title, 35, 1 pp.; 8 pp. With large title vignette Ad Pugnam Ludumque paratus. / Fair to Fight & Game, several woodcut vignettes & bordures and

62 copper plates

(c. 7½-7⅞ × 5½-6¼ in [19-20 × 14-16 cm] and, Carousel plan, 10⅞ × 6⅛ in [27.7 × 15.7 cm]) resp. Ruby red cow hide vol. with 4 ornamental raised bands, 2 gilt-tooled black backplates Johann Elias Ridinger as, in analogy to the front board, signature stamp & ‘Th. 646-707, 1301’, gilt fillet on the boards, Ridinger’s small gilt-tooled Principal Colors Liver Chestnut Th. 937 on the back board, marbled color pastedown/fly-leaf and at the lower edges of pastedown & back board gilt-tooled red series and ridinger handlung niemeyer and JayAitchDesign resp. Contemp. darkened red edge. Inserted into adequate slipcase, that is, on 3 sides & the edges of the insertion opening ruby red cow hide, inner cover color-compliant paper, the covers marbled à la pastedown/fly-leaf.

Evidence in Literature

Thienemann, Leben und Wirken des unvergleichlichen Thiermalers und Kupferstechers Joh. El. Ridinger. Lpz. 1856. & Schwarz, Katalog einer Ridinger-Sammlung (Rudolf Ritter von Gutmann’s). Vienna 1910. Nos. 646-707 & 1301 each with Schwarz I, pl. XXI. / Ebert, Bibliograph. Lex. Vol. II. Leipsic 1830. No. 19123a/b. / Nagler, Künstler-Lex. Vol. XIII. Munich 1843. Rid. nos. 51 f. / Allgem. Dt. Biographie, vol. XXVIII. Berlin 1889. P. 507. / Schwerdt, Hunting Hawking Shooting ills. in a catalogue of books, manuscripts, prints and drawings. London 1928, vol. III, p. 142. / Ridinger / Coll. Faber-Castell. Autograph inventory of Alexander Count of Faber-Castell, from 1922 again zu Castell-Rüdenhausen (1866-1928) on unnum. page Buch VIII Th. 646-707 after previously still missing 646-692 & ditto, 693-707 as of pp. 2 & 5 numbered in writing (form pagination 337 & 355) and passing over as missing 1301 resp. (collection dissolved 1958). / J. H. Niemeyer, Ridinger Erlebnisse 1698-2020. Norderstedt 2021 (ISBN 978-3-7534-3535-0). P. 130 with illustrations.

Evidenced Copies on the Market

Weigel sect. XXVIII (1857), 36 A (Old impressions) & 37 A (First impressions with the plan of the Carousel), each of A-B (New impressions … without the plan). / Silesian Rid. collection with Boerner XXXIX, 1906-1908 ( only three torsos, two of which merely in new impressions, 1885 ! ). / Coppenrath Coll. (1889) 1561 (without the Carousel set) & 1562 (without title, text & plan engraving) and (1890) 2000 (without title & Carousel set, faulty) resp. / Coll. Reich auf Biehla with Boerner LV, 145 ( … of this venerable work. Rare. 1894 ! ). / Arbeiten von J. E. und M. E. Ridinger (Helbing XXXIV, 1900), 1252.

Ridinger’s admirable , most comprehensive School

in its first edition in absolutely complete state

down to the 16th copper of the Carousel, the plan, the missing of which for Weigel (1857) characteristic of the newer edition. Correspondingly Thienemann (1856) :

Johann Elias Ridinger, Carousel (Plan)“ The omission of this plate (which encompasses a schematic Representation of all the Carousel feats in lines, small figures, letters, etc.) … is very annoying as without this the added Explanation is not comprehensible. ”

He found it “In a very old, very nicely preserved copy … from England” , to which were bound with also pp. 1-4 of the Carrousel which were likewise missing in the copy first present to him, cf. p. 136, just as pp.17-35 of the Riding School proper, with which he also only became acquainted with by said English copy (cf. p. 295), that is the “Letter of a well-versed horsebreaker …”

All this in present copy without reservation. With exception of the “3-line French Avis on the unpaginated [and otherwise also with him empty] p. 36” of the textual lead to the body of the book mentioned by Schwarz only. – Title & texts in German-French parallel text throughout.

Frequently placed in fine scenic accessories, the prints are numbered 1-46 and, leaving aside the plan engraving, 1-15, each the first of both parts fully inscribed Joh. El. Ridinger inv. del. sc. et excud. A. V., the remainder with the monogram J. E. R.

Present copy of additional interest as Tom. III of these English Ridinger’s Works with his Princes’ Hunting Pleasure – Th. 13-48 – has copy specifics which classifies that collection as subscriber of the sets usually published in numbers. In such a manner then also the boards come loose of this volume IX, too, enclosed here as provenance evidence.

Present volume IX printed, like aforesaid Tome III, on sturdy (text) and somewhat lighter (engravings) laid paper of the WANGEN brand of the Allgäu mill at Niederwangen on the Argen, that is, the Lottenmühle, deeply rooted in tradition, as Wangen’s only one and employed by Ridinger throughout his life for black-and-white prints. Here, too, with their watermark, although due to the size only now and then remaining untrimmed, as the case may arise entirely missing, too. Beside the regular typographic WANGEN as standing out additionally at least once complete their chartered city arms mark of c. 4¾ × 3 in (12 × 7.5 cm), embedded in further.

Binding/slipcase brand new, the text of almost pristine freshness. The engravings with margins above c. 1⅝-1¾ (4-4.5), below c. 2 (5) and laterally inside c. ¾-1 (2-2.5) and outside c. 1⅜ in (3.5 cm) wide. – The engraved title slightly browned and also otherwise somewhat fox stippled and touched by age. The engravings of especially the 1st part mostly a little to slightly more (stipple) foxing in the margins, only a few stray ones evenly generally more affected. 14 besides at the wide bottom edge with faint tidemark, 5⅛ in (13 cm) along and max. 1 in (2.5 cm) upwards. – The Carousel plan above partly trimmed to platemark or tiniest margin only resp., but always with the narrow white plate margin proper.

Otherwise entirely intact and in such a manner also in the inner book as a whole ultimately and by print anyway very fine copy of one of the

“ last (works) still done by (Ridinger) himself alone ”

“ with the assistance of a friend very skilled and experienced in the art of riding …

drawn from nature ”, just as, as far as he knew, also

“ yet no work of this kind

(had been) published … Thus one could name (the same) … in regard of its designs

one of the most comprehensive ones

since I know of no writer yet who dealt with it so particularly. ”

And acquired on publication. By one of English Ridinger connoisseurs of proverbial understatement.

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Johann Elias Ridinger, Small Riding School