Johann Elias Ridinger, Redop at the Wall right

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). The Redop at the Wall right. Wide place with a group of four riders, of which one redops with the assistance of an instructor and a groom. In the middle another instructor bringing a groom before the equerry entering the scene from the portal of a ruin. In the front a boar hound following the redop, closely beside another one standing, as not accidentally, see below. Pen and brown ink with grey wash with slight pencil sketch in the upper left. (1722.) 8¼ × 13¼ in (210 × 336 mm).

The original drawing before being side-inverted for the preparation of the etching for plate 15 – Thienemann 620 – of the first riding school as the wonderful evidence of the perfection of style Ridinger had already reached in the early age of 24 as stated repeatedly already with regard to others of his early works.

Mounted in the early 19th century and fancily bordered on the mounting paper in black ink, on the sides additionally with a line of horseshoes crescending from top and bottom. This finally mounted on a wooden frame. For more timeless presentation the additional borders as not originally by Ridinger are coverd by the acid-free passepartout with gilt stamped artist’s name and dates.

The condition at first glance dominated by a wipe-trace left of the ruins which irrespective of an undermixed slight green hue might have been caused by the artist himself since the sketch of a horse shimmers through. Thus granting the much desired look over the master’s shoulder. In the upper part of this wipe small outbreaks, perhaps caused by a worm. Additionally a small, almost invisible discolouration accompanied by a small wormhole at the right margin. A small brown spot in the lower middle and tiny foxing in the heaven of no interest. The drawing itself of wonderful plasticity. And generally enthusing the vigour of the drawing itself reflecting the youthfullness of the artist himself.

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