Johann Elias Ridinger, St Barbara

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). St. Barbara. Half-length portrait sitting frontally to the left of the richly dressed Saint Barbara in the glory with crown + pearls, holding the chalice in the raised right above which the host floats in a glory. The left resting on the cross-grip of a sword as symbol of her dying. Mezzotint. Inscribed: Ioh. Elias Ridinger excud. Aug. Vind., otherwise, in large shell cartouche in the lower margin, as above. 22⅜ × 16¼ in (56.8 × 41.3 cm).

Schwarz 1538 with illustration; Gräflich Faber-Castell (1958) 173.

Version not known to Thienemann (1856) + Stillfried (1876) and with exception of Baron Gutmann (Schwarz, 1910) here traceable for then Counts Faber-Castell (14,882 here) only. – Variant to Th. 1287 with the sword instead of the palm leaf there. – Stillfried + Schwarz 1418 record without mentioning the crown here an otherwise obviously almost identical, also equal-sized version, but without any inscription (this also only and as already “extremely rare” at Coppenrath in 1889 + at Counts Faber-Castell in 1958, too; pre-state of 1538 here?), in which Stillfried possibly sees a pendent to the 1419 St. Catherine as the sacral twin sister (see its version 1554 here per 28,401).

The excellent copy in regard to printing and conservation of a cultivated collection of perfectly bright chiaroscuro in all parts. And in such a manner of quite extraordinary rarity not only on the market as quoted above, but in general, too. Already in 1675 the expert von Sandrart numbered “clean prints” of the velvety mezzotint manner at only c. “50 or 60” (!). “Soon after (the picture) grinds off for it not goes deeply into the copper.” – Per corner mounting by old hand laid on heavy hand-made paper slightly browned at three outer margins. – On almost all sides with tiny paper margin. – Small worm trace in the free outer field top right.

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