Johann Elias Ridinger. Young Huntresses in the Character of DianaJohann Elias Ridinger. Young Huntresses in the Character of Diana

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Young Huntresses in the Character of Diana. For once sitting near a tree with cap, holding the rifle in her left, in-between the head of a hound whose lead is held by the right. At the belt the game-bag. For the other standing by a tree with bonnet, pointing with her left into the landscape while the right holds the rifle and the hound standing to her left looks up at her. 2 sheet. Mezzotints for Gabriel Spitzel (also Spizel, 1697 Augsburg 1760, friend of Johann Elias’). Inscribed: Ioh. Elias Ridinger delin. / Gabriel Spizel excud. A.V. 19½-19⅝ × 14¼-14⅜ in (49.6-49.8 × 36.3-36.5 cm).

Provenance: Westphalian collection – ridinger gallery niemeyer – Franconian collection.

Huntress rarissima by theme and size close to items Thienemann 1110 + (only Schwarz) 1448 together with their variants 1113/14. – Each with German-Latin quatrain.

Neither in Thienemann (1856) , Schwarz (1910) + Wend, Ergänzungen zu den Œuvreverzeichnissen der Druckgrafik, I, 1 (1975) nor in the large stocks of Weigel (1838/57), Coppenrath (1889/90), Helbing (1900) or the rich collections of Schwerdt (1928), Faber-Castell (1958) inclusive of the 23-sheet stock “Engravings not known to Thienemann and Schwarz” there (in 14 lots). Also not in the current further Ridinger collections of quality present here. In this scope thus here not provable.

Of quite even fine, brown-black velvet print quality full of fine chiaroscuro, the charming impact of the images – sitting in dreamy attitude here, in active position there – finally is not touched by the traces of age inescapably peculiar to the old mezzotints. Trimmed to platemark, on the left to the edge of the image, the sheets are mounted at the four corners as well as on both sides at the centerfold slightly strained-fissured by light bruise. Also else here and there light traces of age and quite weak touch of fox-spots practically noticeable in the white text field only.

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