Johann Elias Ridinger, Count Lengheim's Stag from Wagna in StyriaJohann Elias Ridinger, Stag of Coburg-Saalfeld

Ridinger – J(ohann). Laifle. Ridinger-Album. (A Collection of the Finest and Rarest Deer and Roebuck Abnormities photographed from the Original Engravings) of Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). With foreword by F(ranz) von KOBELL. Issue I (of 5). Regensburg, Alfred Coppenrath, 1865. Large 4to. 4-sheet-folder title, foreword & contents to the complete work. With 9 (instead of 10) albumin prints rolled on thin cardboard in their facet richness of splendid chiaroscuro (6½-6¾ × 5⅛-5¼ in [16.4-17.2 × 12.9-13.3 cm]), each with number, the publishers & “(Photographed by J. Laifle)” on the cardboard. Orig. h. cloth portfolio with unilaterally shortened loop.

Of  superb  rarity  the album already missing at Coppenrath’s own sale with its rich Ridinger stores! And irrespective of the contents listing for the complete work to be published in 5 issues of 10 sheet each – which have been published indeed – and corresponding reference to coming sheet 50 – the predecessors of the German National Bibliography up to the “Union Catalog of German Language Literature 1700-1910”, vol. 117, list the 1st issue here only. But even this missing in the large Ridinger collections recorded here. Known to literature as such, but missing in the collections, too, only the competitors’ later Ridinger series published at Berlin in 1867 & 1873/75 resp. by Sandrog & Co. & C. Schauer Nachf. (photographed by B. Kliemeck) resp.

The photographs here after sheets of the “Most Wondrous Deer”, namely Th. 248 (Brandenburg-Ansbach) – 244 (Wurttemberg) – 243 (Tübingen) – 250 (Tübingen) – 277 (Styria) – 260 (Augsburg/Allgäu) – 256 (Tübingen) – 249 (Wurttemberg/Serbia/Tübingen/Kirchheim) – 1299 (Coburg-Saalfeld). The latter of special interest as the engraving was not included in the known sets and “appears to have been preserved in a few copies only” (Thienemann p. 289 [Appendix]). – Without sheet 5, Th. 247, the stag of 66 points in Moritzburg. – Back cover slightly agemarked. – The partially slightly foxing – only title and white end leaf more – full title obviously already originally added to the 1st issue, here, however, taken from another copy and with 12⅛ × 9¾ in (30.8 × 24.7 cm) compared with the plates (13⅛ × 10¼ in [33.4 × 26 cm]) slightly shortened. – Contents with old pencil tick off.

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