The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer
Johann Elias Ridinger, Lion Copy

Lion Copy
with the No. 1
as the

Johann Elias Ridinger. (Representation of the Fair Game with the respective Tracks and Traces, Goings, Get-offs, Turns, Flight, and other Signs more … drawn from Life) / Abbildung Der Jagtbaren Thiere mit derselben angefügten Fährten und Spuhren, Wandel, Gänge, Absprünge, Wendungen, Widergängen, Flucht, und anderer Zeichen mehr … nach der Natur gezeichnet, samt einer Erklärung darüber. Augsburg, the author (1737-)1740. Large fol. 1 l. title. With pictorially executed large etched title vignette “Search-Hunter with Leader” and, mixed with engraving, 23 etchings with plates 1-20 being

proofs  before  the  numbering

that had been added in the right sequence at the same place in pen and ink

by  the  master  himself

as it is the conviction here sounded by wide comparisons of the numbers with Ridinger’s writing. Additionally

Johann Elias Ridinger, Trace of a Hare (preparatory drawing)Johann Elias Ridinger, Trace of a Hare (proof with etched correction overlays)Johann Elias Ridinger, Trace of a Hare (final corrected state)Johann Elias Ridinger, Trace of the Badger (preparatory drawing)Johann Elias Ridinger, Trace of the Badger (proof with the confounded designation)Johann Elias Ridinger, Trace of the Badger (final corrected state)

with  two  other  important  deviations .

Ruby red morocco volume with 5 ornamental raised bands, 2 dark green back-plates, gilt two-piece title on the front + Ridinger-stag vignette on the back cover, gilt lines on both, and ruby red fly leaves. In desert-colored morocco Solander box with ornamental raised bands and with the

original  printing plate

for  sheet  ONE

“ ( Trace  of  the  LION ) ”

in reverse (14⅞ × 12 in [37.9 × 30.4 cm]) traced back here far beyond Thieme-Becker (vol. XXVIII, 1933, p. 308) + Thienemann (1856), p. XXIII, seamlessly directly to the master’s estate itself as removable solitaire laid into the front cover under polycarbonate glass, inscribed “1. / J. E. Ridinger inv. del. sc. et exc. A. V.”. Above the artist’s name and below the

hall  mark  as  unicum

Johann Elias Ridinger, Lion Copy


( –  Lion  Copy  – )

and in the inner front cover below ridinger handlung niemeyer (ridinger gallery niemeyer), all in 23.5 carat. (Bookbindery M. Hierl Bonn, 26⅜ × 17¾ × 2 in [67 × 45 × 5 cm], 10.5 kg.)

Thienemann (without knowledge of states before numbering) + Schwarz (Cat. of a Ridinger Collection, color plate vol. I, X) 162-185, all in the final state with the etched number upper right; however, Helbing 354 + 356 bare of any numbering + 359, 362, 364, 366, 369 + 374, in each case marked “proof with written instead of engraved number”.

Thus are plates 1-20 PROOFS before the first edition, plates 21-23 with the reduced traces in the final state with printed numbers, plate 22 printed from two plates with loss of one parting line. Entirely printed on finer laid paper than usual and thus stressing

the  brilliant  quality  of  vibrant  chiaroscuro

according to the state. – Without the text sheet which “is concerned solely with the traces and could be new and important for the young hunter only” (Th.), the “(Preliminary Report)” on the back of the title covered by mounting. – The plates throughout trimmed on or close to the platemark and, with the exception of the singular opening lion, mounted two by two on full sheets (folded once to c. 24¾ × 16½ in [63 × 42 cm]) of Whatman paper with watermark “J. Whatman / Turkey Mill / 1832”, what

Johann Elias Ridinger, Title (Th. 162)Johann Elias Ridinger, Trace of the Lion (Th. 163)Johann Elias Ridinger, Traces of Tiger + Bear (Th. 164 + 165)Johann Elias Ridinger, Traces of Stag + Deer (Th. 166 + 167)Johann Elias Ridinger, Traces of Boar + Fallow Deer (Th. 168 + 169)Johann Elias Ridinger, Traces of Wolf + Roebuck (Th. 170 + 171)Johann Elias Ridinger, Traces of Lynx + Ibex (Th. 172 + 173)Johann Elias Ridinger, Traces of Chamois + Hare (Th. 174 + 175)Johann Elias Ridinger, Traces of Fox + Beaver (Th. 176 + 177)Johann Elias Ridinger, Traces of Otter + Badger (Th. 178 + 179)Johann Elias Ridinger, Traces of Wild He-cat + Pine Marten & Weasel (Th. 180 + 181)Johann Elias Ridinger, Traces of Iltis & Squirrel + Plate of Traces (Th. 182 + 183)Johann Elias Ridinger, Plates of Traces (Th. 184 + 185)

generous  arrangement  by  twos  grants  an  unusually  comfortable  aspect .

To the conviction here

Ridinger’s  Personal  Copy

with a high degree of certainty in 1830 together with the bequest of the drawings passed into the hands of J. A. G. Weigel in Leipsic and mounted onto the 1832 Whatman paper.

Obviously for better presentation the Whatman-sheet for title + plt. 1 parted. The title itself complete, but severely trimmed and with trifle scratch (3.5 cm) in the middle of the vignette and a marginal tear of 4.5 cm settled by mounting and uniformly slightly browned as plt. 23, too. The wonderfully wide-margined Whatman-sheets with prevailingly only small marginal repairs, otherwise fine and absolutely fresh. Only the last one with plts. 22 + 23 with more tears. – Plate 7 – fallow-deer – with printing spot touching the caption, plate 10 with little black spot below the chest of the lynx. Here and there slightly foxed in the margins. Otherwise still some plate dirt on plate 1, the lion.


The  unique  author’s  copy

waiting on with spectacular new discoveries and here then additionally grangerized with its

original  printing plate

to plate 1 of the suite, the lion in his majesty. Adequately presented as

ruby  red  morocco  volume

in  desert-colored  morocco  Solander  box

both gilt stamped of 23.5 carat.  Shortly , the  worldwide  unrepeatable

Johann Elias Ridinger, Lion Copy

Lion  Copy

for most elitist placement. As a provocatively inaccessibly sovereign eye-catcher, the envy of your friends, reflecting the noblesse of your home. Adequately presented within the Red Series of lüder h. niemeyer as of highest grade.

Offer no. 28,888 / price on application

to  the  extensive  detail  description

The Red Series - a creation of lüder h. niemeyer