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Johann Elias Ridinger, To Stalk the Stag with the Hollow Pot

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). (To Stalk the Stag with the Hollow Pot.) On the right the ten-point steps out between two rocks answering the supposed rival. On the left behind a tree the hunter in firing position kneeling on stones and propped. At the foot of the tree in the underwood and thus in the center his assistant calling in the hollow pot and in doing so keeping the stag also in the look. Rich wooded scenery, in front right a pool with reeds. Pen and brown ink and wash. C. 1758. 8⅜ × 14 in (214 × 357 mm).


(Fine Hunting Bag — Pictures of Hunting)

Dr. Hanns Simon Foundation Bitburg

January 13 – March 3, 2013


Catalog Book to the Exhibition

pages 40/41 (double full-page detail illustration in color) + page 148/I

Drawing not executed in copper on the hunt with the mating call missing in the graphic œuvre and in a such a manner thematically complementing the Princes’ Hunting Pleasure created about 30 years before and in regard of the pure image size remaining behind the oblong format of this, namely c. 5 cm in the height and c. 4 cm in the width.

Ridinger, To Stalk the Stag with the Hollow Pot (detail)
Detail: One hunter calls into the hollow pot, the other aims

Trimmed at the fine borderline in brown ink and, possibly throughout already contemporarily, mounted by old on laid paper with border washed in green and edged by fine lines in brown ink. The drawing additionally lined by a slender streak of gilt paper. The whole mounted anew on laid paper laminated repeatedly which margin has been washed in black. If originally a signature along with caption was present or if in case of the similar To Call the Roe Deer for the purpose of optical adaptation just therefore one has been cut and mounted on the back because the Stag’s Call here remained without of that kind must remain open. In case of the drawings Ridinger handled this quite varyingly. A certain browness caused by mounting, especially within the wood area on the left, affecting the impression of the image less than that giving it rather a very fine authentic patina.

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