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Johann Elias Ridinger, The Capercaillie Display

Johann Elias Ridinger (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). The Capercaillie Display. La Sur prise des Coqs de Bois. In the mountain forest at supposedly besides still moonlit dawn on a branch of an old tree the courting cock at which the hunter front left aims. Behind him the gun cocker, keeping a second gun ready. Below the tree a second cock displaying, from the right a hen flies along. Etching with engraving. (1729.) Inscribed: Avec privil de Sa Maj. Imp. / I. El Ridinger inv. pinx sculps. et excud. Aug. Vind., otherwise as above and German-French textbook caption. 13⅜ × 16¾ in (34.1 × 42.5 cm).

Thienemann & Schwarz 47; Catalog Weigel XXVIII (1857), Ridinger Appendix 3A (“Old impressions with the original title. The paper has lines as watermark.”). – Not in the Ridinger catalog Kielce (1997). – From the unnumbered early, textbook-like designed 36-sheet Representation of the excellent Princes’ Hunting Pleasure or the Noble Hunting as the first hunting set transferred into copper by Ridinger himself and besides published by himself and listed in literature as its 35th sheet. – Margins above and below 4.5-5.3, laterally 8 cm wide. – Far left still the two pinhead wholes from the original stitching in numbers. – The painterly original drawing in bister & pen with the complete text traded here in the late 80s into splendid international collection. – The by its illumination extremely painterly sheet in wonderful impression of marvelous chiaroscuro as in such quality rare of old.

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