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Johann Elias Ridinger, White Fallow Deer
White Fallow Deer and the Hind;
they usually have two Young Ones, reach their strength in the 4th and 5th Year

Johann Elias Ridinger, Vienna Riding School before Old Master Horse Prints (Set of Stamps Czechoslovakia 1969)
Highest & only value in color
The title-sheet of the “New Riding School”
within the 1969 series “Horses”
by the Czechoslovakian postal authority

Johann Elias Ridinger, The Stag caught in the Turn-iron
The Stag caught in the Turn-iron

Johann Elias Ridinger, Ibex
“The strongest jumper”
Ibex. Le Bouquetin

Johann Elias Ridinger, Lake Ammergau
For Helbing 1900 the second most valuable sheet of the set
In the Lake Ammergau in Bavaria,
so a huntsman told me likewise, that as he aimed at a wild (whooper?) swan …
also an especially big (white-tailed) eagle flew so to speak into the shot

Johann Elias Ridinger, Departure for Hunting
Departure for Hunting
The opening sheet to as well early as rarest set
whose “Report of the Dog Handler to the ‘Maître D’Équipage’”
served for the décor of a Meissen vase by Johann Joachim Kaendler

Johann Elias Ridinger, Africa
First time :

Charles Frederick Prince of HohenzollernSigmaringen shoots this Stag Of odd 18 points
Ridingeriana rarity of degree
Charles Frederick Prince of HohenzollernSigmaringen shoots this Stag Of odd 18 points
Antlers design to Th. 353 sent by the princely court to the Ridingers for rendering in copper

Johann Elias Ridinger, Mindless Age
The Mindless Age
becomes Contemptuous by Childish Expression

Johann Elias Ridinger, Porcupine (original printing plate)
The Porcupine
The original printing plate for Th. 480

The Art Historical Contribution here to the Ridinger Ceremonial Act
at the University for Technology in Dresden

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