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Johann Elias Ridinger, S. Jerome
The Jerome “Schwarz 1549”
unmasked as doubtful fellow :
S. Jerome as Hermit with hour-glass + death’s-head,
and with the lion of course

Martin Elias Ridinger, Stag of 3 Antlers (Kranichstein)
This Stag of 3 Antlers was hunted par force
by … Landgrave LOUIS VIII of Hesse-Darmstadt
in the Great Pheasantry near Cranichstein Aug. 11, 1753,
where the same set above a wall 12 shoe high and escaped,
but was shot after the rutting season of the very same year.
The original printing plate for Th. 339

Johann Elias Ridinger, Aurochs (original printing plate)Johann Elias Ridinger, Aurochs in Rage (original printing plate)
An Aurochs / Aurochs in Rage (recte the European Bison)
The original printing plates for Th. 426 & 427

Johann Laifle, Ridinger-Album with 50 original albumin prints
With two rarest additions to the “Most Wondrous Deer”
Johann Laifle, Ridinger-Album.
A Collection of the Finest and Rarest Deer and Roebuck Abnormities
photographed from the Original Engravings

in 50 albumin prints from 1865
in adequate showcase copy of the Red Series

Johann Elias Ridinger, He-cat among Three Ducks
3 x illustrious prior possession
Ridinger’s “Ingenious Sketch”
Big Wild He-cat dispensing Justice among Three Ducks
Red chalk related to Th. 180, 1069 & 219 as well as ideally 389

Johann Elias Ridinger, Lying in wait for Hares and How They are driven by the Stoberhund
Still without the 3rd hare :
Lying in wait for Hares and How They are driven by the Stoberhund
Traced & ruddled preparatory drawing in reverse for Th. 45
from the Dr. Edward Peart Collection

Johann Elias Ridinger, Trace of a Chamois
Uniquely royal
Trace of a Chamois

Johann Elias Ridinger, CamelsJohann Elias Ridinger, CamelsJohann Elias Ridinger, Camels
2024 as the UN’s First International Year of Camels
Six Plates Camels

Johann Elias Ridinger, Lady with the Black Mask
Right out of Watteau’s Coquettes and Italian Comedy :
Is the Lady with the Black Mask the great Charlotte Desmares?

Johann Elias Ridinger, Polecat seizing GooseJohann Elias Ridinger, He-cat seizing Heron
Optical Dramatics — reflected by the Reeds
A wicked enemy has here frightened the wild goose — Wicked is the he-cat’s trick

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