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Johann Elias Ridinger, Letter to Johann Georg Wille
Late Letter unknown to Literature
as Résumé of the Œuvre & Character Sketch
Autograph Letter of June 21, 1765 to Johann Georg Wille

Johann Elias Ridinger, CamelsJohann Elias Ridinger, CamelsJohann Elias Ridinger, Camels
With the Augsburg Murderous Camel
Six Plates Camels

Johann Elias Ridinger, DianaJohann Elias Ridinger, Diana
Two undescribed Ridingers
and a bow before our female hunters
Young Huntresses in the Character of Diana

Johann Elias Ridinger, Deer Brunswick-BevernJohann Elias Ridinger, Roes Brunswick-Bevern
The hunting luck of Frederick’s general
These stags No. 1 and No. 2 … No. 3 … And the No. 4
These Roe Bucks … The No. 1 … the No. 2 … No. 3 … And finally also No. 4. …

Johann Elias Ridinger, Saint Barbara
Protection from the stroke from the blue sky :
Saint Barbara
Patroness of miners, metallurgical people + tunnel constructors,
gunners + mariners, alchemists, apothecaries + surgeons

Johann Elias Ridinger, Dromedary
Dromedary with Two Humps. Dromadaire avec deux bosses

Johann Elias Ridinger, He-cat among Three Ducks
3 x illustrious prior possession
Ridinger’s “Ingenious Sketch”
Big Wild He-cat dispensing Justice among Three Ducks
Red chalk related to Th. 180, 1069 & 219 as well as ideally 389

Johann Elias Ridinger, John
With the eagle as revelation of Creation :
The Evangelist S. John

Johann Elias Ridinger, Alexander the Great's first Passage of the Tigris
First time :
The second of the Alexander plates
with again the boar hound as trademark :
Alexander the Great’s First Passage of the Tigris

Ridinger, Shooting Cabin at Bear Garden
Dramatic & rare
The Elevated Shooting Cabin at a Bear Garden

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