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Johann Elias Ridinger, Well-Trained Pointer at Nymphenburg/Munich
Document of a moment of German history :
In the Year 1734 this Well-Trained Pointer has been drawn from Nature … inside the Pheasantry by the Imperial Pleasure Seat Nymphenburg at Munich

Johann Elias Ridinger, Pastor Bonus
In the hitherto unknown second state :
Pastor bonus

Johann Elias Ridinger, Small Riding School
“With the assistance of a friend very skilled
and experienced in the art of riding … drawn from nature”
Johann Elias Ridinger, Representation et Description de toutes les leçons de Chevaux de Manege et de la Campagne …
Ridinger’s admirable, most comprehensive School
in its first edition in absolutely complete state
from an English private collection of the first hour

Johann Elias Ridinger, Pride dispising others will come to naught by itself
Pride dispising others will come to naught by itself

Johann Elias Ridinger, The Large Sheet of Dance Macabre
Of extreme rarity :
The Large Sheet of Dance Macabre

Johann Elias Ridinger, Happy Shepherd's Life
A Trouvaille after Boucher :
The Happy Shepherd’s Life in wonderfully large leaf

Johann Elias Ridinger, Chasseur aux levrieres (Coursing a Hare)
One of the finest, most elegant sujets :
Coursing a Hare. Chasseur aux levrieres

Johann Elias Ridinger, Black Bear
The Great Black Bear. L’ours grand et noir

Johann Heinrich Roos, Animal Pieces
Belonging to the earliest works etched by himself :
Animal Pieces. Set of 6 leaves after Johann Heinrich Roos

Johann Elias Ridinger, Spring-gun on a Bear (Pen-and-Ink Drawing)
Let the bees go :
Spring-Gun on a Bear
Washed brush and brown pen and ink for Th. 76

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