Cream of the Day

Johann Elias Ridinger, Upper Horse Jaw
Unique in the Ridinger Œuvre
The Intimate Cabinet Drawing of the Jolles Collection :
An Old Horse’s Upper Jaw-Bone as seen from Below

Johann Elias Ridinger, Malicious Flattery
Malicious Flattery
is finally disclosed and defeated

Martin Elias Ridinger, Most Wondrous Deer
The Marvelous Memorabilia
“A monument by the Ridinger sons for their father deceased the previous year”
Exact and True Depictions of the Most Wondrous Deer
hunted and shot by Grand Seigneurs themselves.

The original printing plate for Th. 242

Johann Elias Ridinger, Otter Copy
The Otter Copy with book + printing plate :
Representation of the Fair Game
in the first edition of the final state

Johann Elias Ridinger, How all Game is trapped alive or dead
“belongs to the finest engravings of German rococo”
Representations designed from Nature How all Big and Small Game, along with the Winged Game is trapped alive or dead in various manner with Reason Artifice and Force

Johann Elias Ridinger, Foolish Jealousy
One will envy you :
The Foolish Jealousy after Boucher

Johann Elias Ridinger, Hippocrene
Inspired by Watteau :
The work of self-identification for the minimized Ridinger
The Hippocrene or The Donation of Water

Ridinger, Badger captured with the Turnpike
The Badger captured with the Turnpike
The original printing plate to Th. 91
partly unveils the mystery of the covered caption:
The caption was present! Indeed, it still is!!

Johann Elias Ridinger, Saint Barbara
Protection from the stroke from the blue sky :
Saint Barbara
Patroness of miners, metallurgical people + tunnel constructors,
gunners + mariners, alchemists, apothecaries + surgeons

Johann Elias Ridinger, What a Wickedness
The Sujet with no Equals
What a Wickedness it is the Fox commits here!

The Art Historical Contribution here to the Ridinger Ceremonial Act
at the University for Technology in Dresden

Continuously updated , enlarged internet version

(in German)

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