Johann Elias Ridinger, White Fallow-Deer

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). A Very Strong White Fallow-Deer at the Beginning of Rutting Season. Toned lithograph by Hermann Menzler printed by A. Renaud for L. J. Heymann in Berlin. (1863-65.) Inscribed: Gez. v. J. E. Ridinger, lith. v. H. Menzler etc., otherwise in German as above. 13 × 9 in (33 × 22.7 cm).

(Joh. El. Ridinger’s Hunting Album) III/17. – Cf. Thienemann 189. – From the “Collection of Rare Deer Antlers Abnormities and Deer Pictures” carried as 3rd part. – The whole rare set almost unknown to literature and comprising 80 sheet plus a recently discovered illustrated title of far larger image size (13¾ × 14⅛ in [47.5 × 36 cm]), though practically to be completed just peu à peu. In the pictorial effect corresponding to that of the aquatint technique not used by Ridinger anymore. – On strong paper. The wide white margin quite feebly foxing, lower right faint tidemark.

The sujet here representing before slightly changed background the old fallow-deer scratching his neck of the marvelous large-sized sheet of the fallow-deer family Th. 189 from the set “Description and Representation of the Wild Animals”. – Besides the peculiar image effect of the lithograph especially in regard of this variant presenting just an essential part of the model a

first-degree  enrichment  of  the  collection .

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