“ Nowhere  in  life  there  is  some  rest …

the  ducks  take  a  bath … ”

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Wild Ducks, stalked by Wildcats and Foxes. 2 sheet. Etchings with engraving by Martin Elias Ridinger (1731 Augsburg 1780). Inscribed: Johann El. Ridinger inv. et del. 1762. / Martin El. Ridinger sculps. 1770. Aug. Vind. 14⅜ × 10½ in (36.5 × 26.8 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 389-390; Weigel XXVIII, 22, A (of A-B); Silesian Ridinger collection at Boerner XXXIX, 1889/90 ( “Very rare”, thereof the latter “Without platemark, mounted”, 1885! ); Coppenrath Collection 1547 ( “Rare sheets”, 1889/90! ); Reich auf Biehla Collection 130 ( “Rare”, 1894! ); Helbing, (Ridinger) Catalog XXXIV, 906 ( “Small set of 2 sheet” , available in just one copy ); Schwerdt III, 140, b; Nagler 64.

Cf. the drawings in reverse previously in the collection W. P. Knowles, Rotterdam and Wiesbaden (Lugt 2643), in Augsburg, Ridinger Exhibition Catalog 1967, nos. 72 f. and Biedermann, Meisterzeichnungen des deutschen Barock, 1987, nos. 164 f. with full-page illustrations. There both the two printing plates, too, before in Ridinger Catalog Niemeyer, 1998, no. 52 with color ills.

Impression before removal of signature and the 12-lined caption by Brockes as otherwise here also not become known hitherto yet. On the printing-plates passed through here both were found ground out for unknown reason and with leaving behind of clear traces; thus in parallel to Th. 91, but in a reversed situation.

For Thienemann and Schwerdt to be reckoned among the preceding set of Special Events and Incidents at the Hunt ( “The rarest set of Ridinger’s sporting line engravings” ), the

Johann Elias Ridinger, Wild Ducks stalked by WildcatsJohann Elias Ridinger, Wild Ducks stalked by Foxes

extraordinarily  charming  pendants

belong to the little what was still missing in the Ridinger collection of Counts Faber-Castell, uniting almost the complete Thienemann stock and dissolved in 1958. And thus it is not just that

“ The  wild  duck  is  for  a  grandseigneur /
Not  just  for  amusement. The  fox  hunts  for  it  with  pleasure , too … ”

This set for itself is to be hunted down by collectors with patience. As solitary item here available again for the first time since 1978.

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– – – The same in visibly more wide-margined impressions of splendidly warm-toned chiaroscuro originating from the omnibus volume of the old estate of a nobleman. – See the complete description.

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