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Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). The Stag Hunt. At the edge of the forest stag of odd sixteen points raising amidst the pack of eleven heads attacking on all sides. On the left forest scenery, on the right view over woody heights. Colored chalk lithograph glazed with albumen and heightened with white by C. F. Herms for J. G. Schwab, Hannover. C. 1830. Inscribed: J. E. Ridinger del. / in der lithogr. Anstalt v. J. G. Schwab in Hannover. / auf Stein gez. C. F. Herms., otherwise in German as above. 16⅜ × 18⅞ in (41.6 × 47.9 cm).

Johann Elias Ridinger, Stag Hunt

Cf. Thienemann 143 + Ridinger Catalog Kielce, 1997, 53 with ills. – Quite essentially enlarged representation in reverse of the “Noble Stag” as sheet 5 (11 × 9⅞ in [28 × 25 cm]) of the set of The Fair Game hounded by the Different Kinds of Hounds of 1761, and due to the omitted arc above also appearing far more stretched. – The slight fox stipping on the back just as small traces of creases from the front almost perceptible in the white margin only. Its outermost right top corner torn off. – Here neither for lithographer/publisher nor otherwise provable

extraordinarily rare large decorative sheet of fine colors ,

together proof of the esteem Ridinger received through the centuries and both proving the need for his motifs as enriching the work.

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„ Herzlichen Dank für Ihre freundlichen und aufschlussreichen Ausführungen, die mir die Beschreibung des vorliegenden Exemplars sehr erleichtern. Schön wärs natürlich, wenn sich Ihre vielfältigen Kenntnisse zum Werk Ridingers vielleicht als Artikel, oder Artikelserie, im Aus dem Antiquariat oder einer Bibliophilen-Zeitschrift einem breiten interessierten Publikum zur Kenntnis gebracht werden könnten … Ich würde mich jedenfalls sehr darüber freuen, Expertenwissen aus erster Hand zu erhalten. “

(Kollege U. K., 12. Mai 2015)


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