Johann Elias Ridinger, Two Hounds

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767).Two Hounds. Before the kind of a tent with landscape staffage to the left. Sleeping the speckled one in front, behind it watchfully straightened up and growling the other. Steel engraving by an anonymous engraver. C. 1835. Inscribed as no. XVII, otherwise without any further letter. Subject/plate size 7⅛ × 9⅛ in (18.2 × 23.2 cm).

The impressive motif – see the illustration Schwarz I, p. 92 – , in the same direction to Thienemann 735, belonging to the “Neue(n) Thier Reis Büchl” of 1728. – With left-sided stitch margin.

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„ Ich bedanke mich für die schnelle und gründliche Art der Erledigung meiner Wünsche … “

(Herr E. S., 22. Januar 2000)


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