Johann Elias Ridinger, Trace of the Wild Tomcat

At a Sportsman’s
I saw it in the Gentlemen’s Room

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Trace of the Wild Tomcat. In original mixed forest landscape on a stone pedestal in twisted position

“ licking his posterior , to report respectfully ”

(Th.). Below the picture the life size traces on hard ground & fugitive on soft ground, numbered for claws, impression of toes & pad. Etching with engraving. (1740.) Inscribed: 18. / Joh. El. Ridinger inven. delineav. sculps. et excud. Aug. Vindelic., otherwise in German as above. 14¾ × 11⅞ in (37.3 × 30.2 cm).

ILLUSTRATION OF THE FAIR GAME XVIII. – Thienemann + Schwarz 180. – Deviating from the preparatory drawing Sälzle, facsimile edition of all drawings of the set, 1980, pp. 56 f., in which the tomcat is occupied with a captured snipe-like bird.

Very fine, quite uniformly harmonious impression – though probably only from late 18th/early 19th century – on strong laid paper with outstandingly wide margins and in such sheet size of 20 × 16¾ in (50.7 × 42.6 cm comparable to the loose copy of the Schwerdt Collection (vol. III, page 137: “Fine impressions”, 20¼ × 10¼ in [51.3 × 36 cm] sheet size). – Of impeccable freshness with slight traces of previous binding on the left and therefore preserved without change & framing, as had been present here once before in the mid-80s.

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– – – The same in uniquely beautiful impression with watermark supposedly legible as FAI and FIAT as countermark of the Wangen paper mill as one of the sturdy laid paper qualities preferred by Ridinger. – Margins above & below 3.3-4.8 cm wide, on the left 1.2, on the right 0.2-0.3 cm margin resp., each in addition to the wide white platemark. – Upper & lower margin faintly foxstippled. – See the complete description.

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„ Hallo Herr Niemeyer, die (originale Ridinger-)Druckplatte (im rotgoldenen Glanze ihres jahrhundertealten Kupfers) ist heute wohlbehalten weil gut verpackt bei mir eingetroffen. Ganz herzlichen Dank dafür. Der Kaufpreis wird morgen früh an Sie angewiesen. Mit den besten Grüßen … ”

(Herr J. L., 16. Juli 2018)


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