“ I  was  so  lucky … to  obtain  (it) ”

(  Thienemann 1856  [ ! ] )

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Lionne porte ses petis six mois et en mit 3. 4. aussi 5. The Lioness is with her Cubs half a Year, brings forth 3. 4. to 5. of them. Etching and engraving. (1736.) Inscribed: 32. / Cum Priv. Sac. Cæs. Majest. / I. El. Ridinger invent. delin. Sculps. et excud. Aug. Vind, otherwise as above in German, French, Latin, & below. 13⅝ × 16¾ in (34.6 × 42.7 cm).

Johann Elias Ridinger, The Lioness is with her Cubs half a Year

Thienemann + Schwarz 227. – Sheet 32 of the STUDY OF THE WILD ANIMALS with the caption of the Hamburg pope of poets, jurist & senator, yet foremost friend of Ridinger’s, Barthold Heinrich Brockes (1680-1747), in German. – With WANGEN watermark as so characteristic for contemp. impressions. – Margins on three sides 4-4.4, above 2.3 cm wide. – The utterly smoothed centerfold reinforced on the back, two professionally done tears in the wide white lower margin.

“ In an artificial grotto at the pulled up gate in front we see a lioness, broad like a toad over her three cubs.  This  nice  group  has  been  copied  often . I  was  so  lucky … to  obtain  (it) ” (Th. 1856). – And Brockes :

“ In the animals’ queen’s lively posture one sees here courage and care , love and wrath … from the eyes these feelings quite break forth …

In  the  plain  sheet  of  paper , the  animal  house  steps  deeply  into ,

and one sees , almost with terror , how the gate is pulled open for it seems as if the animal comes flying out against us . Does not this creative art go far ? as it , not only by the appearance , increases our eyes’ pleasure , but even touches the soul … ”

Of  marvelous  quality & therefore  rarity ,

for even in exemplary old Ridinger collections the old impressions of particularly this so fine large-sized main set frequently figure as closely trimmed, damaged, and fully mounted. So including present one 1894 with Reich auf Biehla & at least without platemark 1889 with Coppenrath.

Offer no. 15,408 / EUR  660. / export price EUR  627. (c. US$ 758.) + shipping

– – – The same. Margins on three sides 2.5-3.3, on the left 4.3 cm wide. – Upper left backed tear in the white margin. In the wall on the left small worm-hole. On the back scribbles by a collector’s grandson. – Of likewise marvelous quality and therefore rarity.

Offer no. 15,597 / EUR  660. / export price EUR  627. (c. US$ 758.) + shipping

„ … Ich habe in Ihrer ‚Thienemann-Online‘-Seite eine für mich sehr wichtige Information gefunden, die mich wahrscheinlich in einer Dresdner Fotografenforschung weiterbringt … “

(Frau R. R., 24. Januar 2014)


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