Johann Elias Ridinger, A Strong Stag of 20 points, as he cuts through an ant-hill with his weight

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). Un grand vieux Cerf, qui bouleverset une four milier avec son massacre, et qui jette la poussiere avec les quatre pies pour passer sa colere. A Strong Stag of 20 points, as he cuts through an ant-hill with his weight, and paws the ground with the legs in rage. In thick mixed forest with mighty herma with i. a. two ram heads in laurel wreath on the right. Etching with engraving. (1736.) Inscribed: 10. / Cum Priv. Sac. Cæs. Majest. / I. El. Ridinger inv. pinx. Sculps. et excud. Aug. Vind, otherwise as above in German, French, Latin, & below. 13⅝ × 16⅞ in (34.7 × 43 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 205. – Sheet 10 of the STUDY OF THE WILD ANIMALS with the caption of the Hamburg pope of poets, jurist & senator, yet foremost friend of Ridinger’s, Barthold Heinrich Brockes (1680-1747), in German. – With WANGEN watermark as so characteristic for contemp. impressions. – Margins 3.2-4 cm wide. – The utterly smoothed centerfold reinforced on the back. Two minimal margin tears backed acid-freely.

“ That the stag scratches the hill of the carpenter ants in rage, in this Ridinger errs, this he does with delight as the invigorating ant smell is pleasant to him ” (Th.). And Brockes:

“ … He scratches in the sand eagerly , I almost hear him breathe for eagerness , his sharp antlers cuts through and upsets the ant-hill healthy to him . One can , in his stern look , see so truly the passions … so represents by black color , here the artist’s color on this sheet , the bodies almost enthusiastically … ”

And not least and by chance already in 1901 Ernst Welisch qualified Ridinger as the indisputably “most important Augsburg landscapist of this time”. Here then

of shining-marvelous quality & therefore rarity ,

for even in exemplary old Ridinger collections the old impressions of particularly this so fine large-sized main set frequently figure as closely trimmed, damaged, and fully mounted. So including present one in the Silesian collection 1885 at Boerner, 1894 with Reich auf Biehla & at least without platemark also 1889 with Coppenrath.

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Hermann Menzler’s slightly varying tone lithograph
after this sujet

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