Johann Elias Ridinger, How the Hares are hunted with Hounds

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). La Chasse des Lievres par les Levriers. How the Hares are hunted with Hounds. In open hilly landscape with trees and shrubbery spanned by a splendid rainbow near a farm two huntsmen gallop “after the hounds which are (already only too gladly) about to seize a little hare. Behind some hunters on foot and searching hounds” (Th.). Etching with engraving. (1729.) Inscribed: Avec privil. de Sa Maj. Imp. / I. El. Ridinger inv. pinx. sculps. et excud. A.V., otherwise as above and with German-French didactic text. 13¼ × 16¼ in (33.5 × 41.3 cm).

Thienemann + Schwarz 46; Catalog Weigel XXVIII (1857), Ridinger appendix 3A (“Old impressions with the original title. The paper has lines as watermark.”). – From the unnumbered early 36-sheet Princes’ Pleasure , listed by literature as its 34th sheet. – Margins on three sides 2.8-3.6, on the right 5.7 cm wide.

An autonomous detail drawing in reverse in black pen over pencil with brown wash of the two hounds chasing the hare front left and the church district from Th. 44, the Hare Hunt with Nets, traded here in recent time into a Bavarian private collection.

Ridinger, Hares hunted with Hounds (detail)
How the Hares are hunted with Hounds (detail)

“ How merry this hunt is is best known to those who practice it … they tend to go uphill or run on stony hard paths that the hounds cannot follow them so well … (and) it gives them by many turns back leaps and other craftiness so much to do that they hardly get at it and after many done doubles still keeps its life. ”


– not by chance already in 1901 Ernst Welisch qualified Ridinger as the indisputably “most important Augsburg landscapist of this time” –



as in such quality rare of old.

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„ Herr Dr. Sch. machte mich auf Sie und Ihr Unternehmen aufmerksam. Er erzählte mir von Ihrer führenden Position auf dem Sektor 'Ridinger und Pferde' … … “

(Frau G. G., 16. August 1992)


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