Preparatory Drawing

of the French par Force Hounds

Ridinger, Johann Elias (Ulm 1698 – Augsburg 1767). French par Force (Hounds). Only three of them yet. Pen and brown ink. C. 1735. Inscribed in bistre: in the upper margin Francöesische par Force & lower right .N.11. (sic!). 3⅝ × 4 in (92 × 103 mm).

Johann Elias Ridinger, French par Force Hounds (pen and brown ink)

Thienemann (1856) sect. III, Drawings, portfolio IV, p, Design of Several Animals, para. 2

“ … a similar collection in smaller format … in pen and brown ink ”

(page 276).

Johann Elias Ridinger, French par Force Hounds (etching)Still deviating from the engraving, outline design in the same direction and original size of three of the hounds to Th. + Schwarz (ills. vol. I, page 57) 396 as No. 6 of the set (see comparative ills.), by Ridinger here still intended as .N. 11. Still missing the fourth hound extending into the subject with just about a third, yet up to above the lying third one. Also the not present Hounds in the designation with consideration of spacing, but also the numbering rather far right, quite obviously original. – For the preparatory drawing of the entire composition in wash and bistre see Thienemann ibid. para. 1 and lot 552 of the Ridinger appendix of Weigel’s catalog of drawings of 1869 resp.

While Thienemann could document on the basis of Weigel’s inventory essentially originating in Ridinger’s bequest of drawings with 118 pictorially complete drawings (IV p, para. 1) almost the entire series of the Kämpfe reißender Thiere, so, without possible further ones among the horses,

only 16 sheet of the small-sized core designs

which he dates as of 1735. Present work a therefore rare, indeed, precious evidence.

From an old album with corresponding traces of mount on the back and erroneous written attribution to Jos. Gg. Wintter in pencil. – Cut of the upper arch of the first F of the designation, the stroke of which in harmony with that of the engraving.

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